Monday, July 30, 2007

Who's who?!

They're not really look-a likes, but i get confused with their names. Probably because i often see them on TV doing the same thing and looking the same...

Jessica Alba and Scarlet Johansson

For me, the two sexiest women on the planet. I remember my roommate back in college drooling over Jessica Alba's photos. She's not TV/Movie-famous at that time yet...and when i saw Scarlet Johansson in The Island, i thought i also saw her in Fantastic Four...

Drew and Cameroon

They appeared in the same movie twice. There started the confusion. Must be with the sweet look. Anyway, thanks for ET (which i never really saw full-length), now
i will always know who's Drew.

Karel Marquez and Nikki Gil

Two of the most beautiful local celebrities. And they're both VJ's! I still don't know who's from MTV and who's from MYX, or if they're both from the same channel.

Eva and Eva

Hot mommas! Mendez and Longoria.
They have the same color, hair, smile, age bracket (?).
If i'd see them on TV together, i really can't tell who's the right Eve!

Tyra and Beyonce

OK. This is probably the easiest. One is a model, the other, a singer. But if i see their photos on a magazine, i still think they look the same. To make it harder for me, add her:

Halle Berry

Saw her photo on the cover of Reader's Digest recently and i really thought it was Tyra.

Doris Bigornia and Susan

Hehehe. Can't find good photos. I really think they resemble each other.

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