Monday, August 9, 2010

Pizza Volante

Over a decade ago, Baguio's cool weather and pine trees are two things that a visitor would rave about. Consider yourself lucky if you have seen Baguio's green mountains, and experienced breathing fresh air with that distinct pine tree scent. Today, everything has changed, I heard Tagaytay is a better option. Nonetheless, I still consider Baguio my second home.

Session road at night.

My favorite place in Baguio? Session road. And a walk along Session road for me is not complete without going to Pizza Volante.

This place is located right at the middle of Session road. The first floor used to be the lobby of Session cinema; the second floor was once the theater's control room. This is how the place looked like before:
The "Session" signage still exists. -source-

And this is the "theater" now:

Today: Pizza Volante beside Greenwich. -source-

What I miss the most? My all time favorite burger pizza. It's perfect with beer, but even better with (surprisingly) coffee:

The highly addictive brewed coffee. It's refillable, awesome!

And those waffles (can't find another picture) - one of the best in town.

Pasta - yummy!

The first floor.

Aside from the textured ceiling, posters of the last movies shown here serve as a reminder that this was once a movie house. Those posters were never removed behind the glass display windows. More dining tables are found at the second floor, which used to be the theater's control room. I really love how they recreated the place.

It must be the food, the ambiance, the coffee... the memories. Whatever it is, I'd always consider this place special.