• 20 Friggin Something Has Gone So Fast

    I wish I could go back to those days when celebrating my birthday is something that I always look forward to. When it was just all about having fun. When you don't have to think about the things that you have done, should have done, and should be doing. No worries!

    I thank God for teaching me some of life's most important lessons these past years and I am happy that I've learned my lessons early. I have always been blaming Him all along and I'm glad I finally get to understand why.

    2010 didn't start well for me. But everything that I've been through is all worth it. I never enjoyed life before as I do now. I realized it's not too late for me to catch up. To do things that I thought I should have been doing way way back.

    I'm not being preachy, but I know and I've finally accepted that God has better plans for me. But saying "I am 20-friggin-something years old" is not cool though!



    1. my-so-called-Quest said...

      happy happy birthday!
      enjoy mo lang araw mo! :D

    2. Ely said...

      thanks Doc! :)

    3. _ice_ said...

      hey birthday mo ba?...

      happy birthday Ely...

    4. Ely said...

      @ice, thanks! :))

    5. aajao said...

      hala hindi ko alam :(
      late treat? :D

    6. duke said...

      i'm thirty friggin something.
      happy birthday.

    7. Ronnie said...

      wait 'til you reach 30 ahahaha... hope you had a good birthday.

    8. Ely said...

      @aajao, hehehe, advance ka nga eh. :)

      @duke,ronnie, thanks!!!

    9. footiam said...

      I would thank God more for being able to live to a ripe old age!

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