• They Use to Visit my Blog

    I've been blogging since 2005 (skip that if you've already read about it here, many times). Yes, it started with Friendster - did you also try blogging with them? LOL.

    Two years later, I discovered Blogspot/Blogger. And so this blog was born.

    That time, I didn't know anything about the blogosphere yet, terms like "x-links" were all jargon to me. But within weeks, I started adding people in my side bar - check it out, the very long list is still there.

    I became a regular visitor to these blogs, leaving comments on any topic that I find interesting. In return, they've visited and commented on my blog too. The exchanged of visits and comments went on for about two years. After that, only a few remained. Perhaps, everyone has got a good number of followers already, so we they don't need to blog hop anymore.

    This post is dedicated to all those who have been here before, and vanished...

    Of course, Honney, Aajao, Dong Ho, Ronnie, Reyn, Reyna Elena, Doc Ced and Pusa are excluded as I know you still visit my blog once in a while (after all these years)! Hehe.

    If we have been visiting each other's site before, check your name/URL below:

    1. Vince of vinceleste.com - One of the first comments here came from him. Still very active at blogging.
    2. IvanHarry of angloloniyo.blogspot.com - Ang dakilang Lolo. His last post is dated June 10, 2011.
    3. Eilanna of eilanna.blogspot.com - Also one of the first to leave a comment in my humble blog. Last post: June 25, 2010.
    4. Footiam of steptpg.blogspot.com -He use to visit my photoblog regularly. He's still blogging!
    5. Dorkzter of dexdex.blogspot.com - One of my first readers. He stopped blogging after January 30, 2009.

    6. Abaniko of abaniko.blogspot.com - He bid farewell to his blog in January 29, 2010.
    7. Abou of abouben.blogspot.com - Active pa rin ang blog.
    8. dakilangbayani.blogspot.com - What happened to his site?
    9. Prily of www.prily.blogspot.com - Last update: April 14, 2010
    10. Jep of jepjep.i.ph - No more posts after May 28, 2009.

    11. kingdaddyrich.blogdrive.com - His page has been moved somewhere.
    12. www.krisjasper.com - His page is also already down.
    13. Eric of wanderingcommuter.blogspot.com - Still an active blogger.
    14. Acey of aceychan.blogspot.com - Her blog is still regularly updated.
    15. Undecided21 of i-photograph.blogspot.com - Hindi na rin daw mahanap ni Blogger.

    16. Arjay of roellejohn.blogspot.com - He closed his blog after a year?
    17. Bebsims of bebsisms.blogspot.com, formerly bebsisms.wordpress.com - Direktor na ng mga Indie Films. Congrats!
    18. Chelle - She use to own mybabychanelle.blogspot.com
    19. Compass of compasstoday.blogspot.com - He's still blogging, I guess.
    20. Chres of chressy.blogspot.com - She stopped posting 3 years ago.

    21. Deliciosa of www.crazydeliciousfoods.com - Now a food blogger.
    22. Did You Know of didyouknow.blogsome.com - Last post: January 23, 2010
    23. R-yo of rsandarino.com, formerly rsandarino.blogspot.com - The Islander in the City.
    24. everyadam of k2modify.blogspot.com - Looks like his blog turned in to a magazine.
    25. Iggy of www.vernongo.com - Glad to see he's still actively blogging.

    26. Janus of janus3185.com - His site is already down.
    27. Lalaine of lalaine.gameops.net -Her blog is now exclusive for invited readers only.
    28. Makoy of music.makoyskie.com - Still blogging.
    29. Malditang Pinay of www.maldita12.blogspot.com - Her last entry is dated January 15, 2009.
    30. Normand of www.normandb.com - His last post is, dateless.

    31. Portia of www.portiaspeaking.blogspot.com - She hasn't posted anything after January 2008.
    32. richard24 of janmania.blogspot.com - Is he back or not?
    33. Rio of riotooth.blogspot.com - Also now exclusive to invited readers.
    34. Ruthi of www.ruthinian.com - Still at it!
    35. thesocialcritic of kritiksosyal.blogspot.com - See number 33.

    36. Zeus of rudolfzeus.blogspot.com - He last posted in February 15, 2011.
    37. Yoshke of www.yoshke.com - He's now got a very busy site.
    38. enrico of enricodl.blogspot.com - He also stopped blogging in 2009.
    39. Looking for the source of looking-for-the-source.blogspot.com - No more posts after March 2010.
    40. Dakilang Islander of dakilangbayani.blogspot.com - See number 26.

    41. The Scud of scudinreallife.blogspot.com - He bid goodbye to blogosphere in May 6, 2010.
    42. Alkapon of alkapon78.blogspot.com - Last post: March 29, 2011.
    43. Onatdonuts of onatdonuts.blogspot.com -See number 26.
    44. Ice of sedfre21.blogspot.com - Hiatus mode?
    45. Moonsparks of moonsparks.wordpress.com - Last post: July 4, 2011.

    And looks like the following are in Hiatus mode too:

    46. Neil of onesixthsense.blogspot.com
    47. Olan of www.olanology.com

    I'm glad to still see updates from these blogs:

    48. Lucas of roneilberania.blogspot.com - His writing skills is absolutely... flawless!
    49. Chyng of www.chyngreyes.com - The traveler of the year award goes to you!
    50. Duke of qrs-complex.blogspot.com - 7 blogging years and counting!!!
    51. Fern of tazferian.blogspot.com - Updated.
    52. RJ of chook-mindersquill.blogspot.com - Still blogging from... Australia.

    53. Blogolag of www.blogalag.com/blog - Now a food blogger?
    53. Chuva of chuvachienes.com - Magazine!
    54. Jake of jakedeasis.blogspot.com - He use to give me hairstyle tips.
    55. Dacordyte of dacrocyte.blogspot.com - Still a very busy blogger.
    56. Malen of mynosebleed.com - Nonstop nose-bleeding.

    57. Ambo of pinoyambisyoso.com - Must be the most successful blogger I know!

    The list goes on... Na-miss ko bigla ang mga "x-links" days.

    To everyone, thank you so much for having been part of my blogging life. Apologies to those whose blog I forgot to include on the list. Many more blogging years for us all! Cheers!!!


    1. wanderer said...

      it feels as if last month lang nung nagbabasa ako ng mga entries mo. hehehe! i just miss those golden years of blogging...


    2. dong ho said...

      thanks for dedicating this including me. sorry at bihira na nga ako makadaan dito.

      it's nice to look back at those list as i too have some common blogger friends from this list.

    3. Ely said...

      @wanderer, thanks for remembering! yah, those were the days... :)

      @dong ho, welcome! Lagi ako sa blog mo especially pag naghhanap ako ng pictures. hehe. medyo madami nga tayo common friends.

    4. Reyn Adonay said...

      Hehe... napakanta tuloy ako ng After All These Years ng Journey LOL.

      Cheers to the years of friendship through blogging! :)

      Uhm, Ron had some difficult times kaya di na siya masyado nakaka-update..

    5. _ice_ said...

      salamat dre kahit papano naisip mo ako...

      i-update ko muna blog ko, dami ko i change, na busy kasi ako sa dota kaya di masyado naka pag blog..


    6. Ely said...

      @ice, ayos naman. saya naman ng pinagkakabusyhan mo, hehehe.

    7. chuva said...

      hello -- sensha na ha.. medyo nabisi ng kaunti - - mga 4 years. heheh! kamusta na ely?

    8. footiam said...

      I still remember you, Ely!

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