• X Factor USA 2011: Drew Ryniewicz for the win!

    It's quite early to tell, but no, Drew Ryniewicz has it all. She could win X Factor USA 2011!

    And it was such a relief that Simone and Tiah are finally out. Next person I want to see going home: All the groups and the Crow kid.

    X Factor USA 2011: Tora Woloshin is Out???

    I can't believe Simon Cowell did not pick her??? Tiah over Tora, seriously???

    The official Top 17 list. In bold and italic letters are my favorites:


    Drew Ryniewicz
    Rachel Crow
    Simone Battle
    Tiah Tolliver
    Melanie Amaro (last minute inclusion)


    Brian "Astro" Bradley
    Chris Rene
    Marcus Canty
    Phillip Lomax


    Dexter Haygood
    Josh Krajcik
    LeRoy Bell
    Stacy Francis


    Brewer Boys
    Lakoda Rayne
    Stereo Hogzz

    Ryan Bang Should Leave Showtime!

    The people have spoken. They don't like to see Ryan Bang in the show anymore, time to go...

    To everyone's surprise, Dimples Romana gave up her seat for Ryan Bang!What???

    Watch the video:

    I think the show broke its own rules. They're suppose to give viewers the power to evict a judge, they chose to evict Ryan Bang this time. While Dimples' action is highly commendable, giving up her seat for another judge, regardless of the reason, is just not right. They never mentioned in the show that an exemption like this can be made anytime. 

    Video credits: www.dailymotion.com

    UPDATE: Kudos to Showtime for keeping up with their eviction rules; they did not bring Ryan back. On with the show...

    X Factor USA 2011: My Early Bets

    I love The X Factor. Being an American Idol fan, I never expected to be hooked with the show. There were huge talents that we saw in the first two weeks of audition and I am rooting for the following this early on:

    1. Tora Woloshin - My winner for now. She's got it all! Watch the video to find out.

    2. Chris Rene - I just hope he won't go back to using drugs. He reminds me of Eminem.

    3. Jazzlyn Little - The awkwardness made her even more lovable.

    4. Josh Krajcik - The surprise of this year's competition.

    5. Drew Ryniewicz - Her version of Justin Beiber's song is better than that of, Justin Beiber!

    6. Marcus Canty

    Update: All of the six guys on my list made it to the Top 32! :)