Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rediscovering San Juan and San Fernando La Union

I was on the road for 16 hours last weekend. Tiring, but thankfully it was very rewarding. I got to see my good ol' college friends once again.

Moreover, I was impressed at how La Union has changed. The place is very close to my heart as I've spent most of my teenage life here. I'm sharing some photos below...

We rented a room at Normis resort in San Juan, La Union. This is about 3 kilometers away from the famous San Juan surf resort.

If you're north bound, I'd recommend this place for an overnight stay. Nice place and friendly staff: Normi2's (as in Normi-Normis)!

The next day, we planned to visit the Fiesta Casino located at Poro Point in San Fernando city. Pero dahil nakashorts at tsinelas lang kami, hindi kami siyempre puwedeng pumapasok.

I only managed to take this single photo of the casino. Tanghaling tapat pero puno ang parking lot. Yung plaka nung isa dyan, nakasulat ang nagmumurang "MAYOR".

Near the casino is Thunberbird hotel, which architectural design has impressed us.

No we didn't get a room. Hindi na namin to afford. hehehe.


It's been three days and yet I'm still daydreaming about the trip.

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. ~Elisabeth Foley

(Thanks to Tine for the quote)


The Scud said...

halos pareho tayo ng oras na byinahe last weekend. :D

Ronikage said...

nagandahan din ako ng nakita ko yang thunderbird in an expo at the clamshell. para kang nasa meditterenean.. santorini ang dating. i love the quote about friendship.. so true.

Reesie said...

ang ganda ng resort where you stayed at yung hotel..kakaiba.

ngek, hindi puedeng makapasok sa casino ang nakashort? ang OA ha. Sa Vegas nga yung pinakamahal na casino hotel doon, puede ngang pumasok ang naka-bikini lang eh. ang OA talaga sa atin. hehe

Chyng said...

16 hours ang byahe to La Union? oh no!

Mukhang mahal nga yung resort na yan.

Ely said...

The Scud, hehe. san ka nakarating?

Ronikage, santorini inspired nga design nila, meron sila santorini lounge sa loob..

Reesie, haha. Iba naman kc pag nakashorts sa Pinas, tipong mga tambay lang sa kanto. Hehe. Pero kung may pumasok na nakabikini, for sure welcome na welcome siya dito.

Chyng, actually more or less 7 hours isama na traffic, so almost 16 hours back n forth

r u s s said...

I was supposed to work for Thunderbird.Ö They have nice sites pala here in the Philippines. I saw their projects in other countries, galing.

Gusto ko rin pumunta ng La Union, never been there. I've only seen it from photos in blogs and in Facebook.

Ely said...

russ, oo, very interesting yung design nila. parang nasa ibang bansa. hehe..

La Union is about 7 hours from Manila, minsan 6 hours lng depende sa traffic. Madami din beach dun, pinaka-famous ung surf resorts nila.

Abaniko said...
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Abaniko said...

Malayo pero maganda naman ang resort. Talagang far from the madding crowd, ha?

Ely said...

Abaniko, parang ganun na nga. Dun kasi malapit mga friends ko, kaya ako kailangan dumayo. :)