Thursday, May 26, 2011

Transient Houses in Baguio

Since my officemates found out that I was a Baguio boy, I instantly became a "tour guide" everytime they plan to visit the City of Pines. They would ask me for the best hotels, transient houses, restaurants and bars. That has been the case for over 4 years now. I am happy to have been able to direct them to the best places in Baguio.

Here, I made a list of the transient houses in Baguio. I haven't been to all of these houses, so I may appear biased on some of my notes. Nonetheless, I have provided a link to their websites, if there's any, and contact numbers.

Miles Home
88 Gibraltar Road
(074) 424-2014; 09173645288

My friends just stayed here this summer, and I didn't hear any negative comments from them so far. Miles Home is just a few steps away from the Mine's View park. Their rooms are very affordable, although from the outside, the house already looks old. Give them a call or visit their website for more information.

North Pine Transient House

117 Scout Barrio, Baguio City

They seem to have a number of apartments for rent/transient but I have never been to any of those. Check their page at Nonetheless, Scout Barrio is a good location as it is just beside Camp John Hay. Expect to see lots of pine trees in this area. Scout Barrio is about 15-20 minutes away from Session Road and is accessible by jeepney and taxi.

Baguio Transient House
214 Mission Rd.
Crystal Cave, Baguio City

Baguio Transient House is found in Crystal Cave which is located along Marcos Highway. It is about 15 minutes away from the Baguio central business district.

INNSISON Apartelles
Naguilian cor Dominican Rd, Baguio City

This is a new building found near the welcome arc of Baguio at Naguilian road. You can see the steps leading to the Lourdes Grotto from here. Their rates are quite affordable, a good alternative to getting a hotel near Session road.

Atenara House
40 Navy (C.M. Recto) Road
Saint Joseph Bgy 2600
Baguio City, Philippines
63 (74) 446-9808
63 (933) 365-7352

I once lived at St. Joseph back in 2002-2003 but I never noticed this transient house. I realized, they only started in 2005. Check their website for the details. St. Joseph is located near Wright Park, Botanical Garden and Teacher's Camp.

More to follow.

If you want me to include your place, leave a comment and give us the details.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am the owner of the transient house shown on your blog as 214 Mission rd Crystal Cave. Would it be possible for you to turn our website, into a clickable link, of course we would give you the same courtesy from our site as well. Thanks

Ely said...

Hello, Done. The name, actually, is already clickable, but I wouldn't mind doing the same to the URL.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ely,
would you be able to kindly include our transient houses in your list.
Our houses really are some of the nicest in Baguio and I am sure your readers would appreciate the chance to see them. Thanks Ely & the next time you are going to "Cool" Baguio just contact us. Thanks again.

Ely said...

I've checked and this is the same as which is already on the list. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Do you know a good transient house with fireplace? Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Hi do u know an apartment or room for rent near in scout barrio and can you include how much?,thanks

Ely said...

Try contacting North Pine Transient House at 0918-935-4080, they're located at Scout Barrio.