• Where the sun shines...

    and mountain rivers flow...

    err, i went home just few days before the election. I filed a 1-day leave from work 3weeks prior to that date, as i was supposed to attend Maddie's wedding in Baguio. Unfortunately, the wedding has been moved to the 19th (it was too late when i learned about it so i can't file for another leave), so instead of staying in Manila, i decided to go home. That was Friday, weekends are my rest days, which means I've got 3 days to spend out of work!

    I was so excited, knowing that my family and i both miss each other.
    Everyone was so busy when i arrived home though, it was 3 days before the election, my brother-in-law was running for a position, and everybody's like moving around, obviously tensed...(by the power of vote-buying, my brother-in-law lost by a devastating 46 votes...WTF!)

    The next day, i woke up quite early, my niece and nephew came with their sweet "go' mawning", so after having coffee, i thought we'd go for a walk...our destination...

    ...the river side.

    I sooooo love those green things growing! hehe... I'm a nature lover, and it's so refreshing to start my day with these tall grasses and trees...weird? A breath of fresh air is all i always need...

    I took a lot of photos with the kids, they just love it when the camera flashes, but when they're not looking, I'd take some shots with them out of the frame...hehe...this one's what i like the most. The sun behind the trees...

    I enjoyed watching them play around...the feeling kinda brought me back to the time when i was a kid myself...(sigh).


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