• Trinoma

    It's just a 10 minute walk away from my place but not a mall addict, i never really had the time to visit this mall...just got curious that i hear a lot of people at work talking about it. This latest addition to the Ayala malls is huge, still at it's last phase of construction, it was opened to the public a month ago.

    The facade. It was 10 in the morning and the place was not crowded yet. Great time to walk around...

    The main entrance.

    This part reminds me of SM Baguio.

    Still part of the main entrance. The area is open, lighting and ventilation - all natural. So glad to know that those vegetations are real!

    A roof deck park walkway...cool!

    I'd call this a hanging garden...a park at the roof deck, with coffee shops and restaurants around.

    The entertainment area, the interior centerpoint.


    1. reyna elena said...

      Nice! I just learned this Trinoma on your blog! And to think i was just in Manila last January 2007. I'd be home again and would love to check that out. Thanks for posting and stopping by at my site.

    2. Ang Lolo Niyo said...

      Nilalakad ko rin lang ito mula sa aking opisina. Ang ganda sa itaas niyan lalo na pag nakabukas ang mga "fog" effect.

    3. Ely said...

      reyna elena, ur welcome! It was still under construction last January, in fact not all shops are opened yet as of the moment. THanks for visiting my site too!

      Lolo, around North EDSA ba office mo?
      Oo, nagandahan rin ako sa taas...mas maganda pa siguro pag gabi kasi sa lighting...

    4. reyna elena said...

      I sure will visit this mall when I get home before the end of the year. Ganda... Sana I meet someone oveh deh na pampalit sa nawala ko... :-)

    5. Ely said...

      Reyna elena, hmmm...good luck! I'm sure, someone's waiting to meet you too!

    6. reyna elena said...

      hahaha! eto nga yon! i remember now. i started googling about Trinoma kaya ako napadpad sa site mo. can you imagine? haha!

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