• Ain't got no cake

    I never had a cake on my birthday. I never knew what a kiddie party is, in fact, I never had one. I never complained. Born and raised in a poor family where cakes and birthday parties were a luxury, I completely understand why...

    My team leader, having the access to my files learned why 13 is my favorite number. She started blasting the news a few days back and before I knew it, everyone was asking for the treat. Umph!

    My Outlook got instantly filled with "happy birthdays" and for the nth time, they spelled my nickname with an “i”. Overwhelmed, I didn't bother to correct them.

    I just had the most number of birthday greetings received via email. My friend Joy just learned about it after she saw those messages. She was buzzing on my Instant Messenger nonstop in between calls, with this:

    Today I'd start my day with a mass (as per mom’s order). Probably be dining with my friend Tine tonight. No parties, nothing special. Just another day…I will be spending my (birthday) leave with my family and just the thought of being away from work for four days is a breath of fresh air, probably the best birthday gift I could give myself this time. Gimme that much needed break, no work and all play makes me a very very happy boy!


    1. reyn said...

      Pareho pala tayo. I never had a birthday cake in the past 20 years. Hehe. Pero ikaw meron na oh..:D

      Yung admin assistant namin dito binigyan din namin ng surprise birthday party, at take note, CHILDREN's PARTY ang theme.

      Sana ako rin may ganun..*dreams

      Anyway, Happy Birthday!!!

    2. footiam said...

      Happy Birthday, Ely.

    3. iRonnie said...

      at virgo ka din pala. may you have a meaningful year ahead of you. happy birthday...

    4. Ang Lolo Niyo said...

      Maligayang bati Ely!

      Who needs cake when you have family & friends celebrating your special day with you?

      Ibilang mo pa ang Lolo mo. :D

    5. reyna elena said...

      late ba ako sa bati? maligayang kaarawan! SINO yang kasama mo? hehehe! gwapo sya! :-)

    6. dorkzter said...

      haha! happy birthday.

    7. Ely said...

      Hi reyn, ndi ka nag-iisa. hehe. Sino yung AA niyo?

      Tnx footiam!

      Tnx din ronnie, Virgo ka din ba?

      Para kay Lolo, tama ka...salamat din sa pagbati.

      reyna elena, Tnx! hindi po kayo nahuli. Team mate ko po yun. hehe

      Tnx for the greeting dorkzter!

    8. reyn said...

      Si Ms. Ivy Tan, kaso nag-resign na siya eh..I believe she's famous, hehe kasi kahit sa RS kilala siya eh..

    9. Ely said...

      ah OK. Kala ko pareho tayo AA. Bago rin kasi yung sa amin, Michelle pangalan. hawig ni Angel Locsin. :P

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