Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just Me, Myself and I

The most beautiful Pusa tagged me with this,

The rules:
1. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
2. Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
3. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

Eight random facts about me:

  1. I love the number 13. I consider it my lucky number.

2. I love eating and I eat anything with cheese. My weakness: spaghetti.

      3. Been mistaken as a callboy many times. It’s flattering but a bit degrading, pffft!

    1. I was born and grew up in a remote town in the north. As a boy, the hills, mountains and rivers were my playground. Climbing trees was a daily routine. My toys were made of wood. Top, yoyos, sling shots, toy guns…all made of wood.

    1. I was an honor student from grade 1 to grade 6. High school? I was one of the "losers". I can totally relate with Jason Biggs in that movie.

6. Calling me thin would make me feel bad and offended. I was skinny my whole life, and now that I’m gaining weight, I’d appreciate if you call me fat.

    1. When I’m stressed, I go for a walk, watch movies, and I don’t wanna be with anyone else. I feel a lot better after.

    1. My ultimate dream: to become a professional photographer. I’m totally into photography; I just get frustrated sometimes knowing that it’s very expensive.

I'm tagging _dean_, dorkzter, Eilanna, footiam, Honney, IvanHarry, reyn, and Vince.


Reyn said...

I am a cheese-lover too!! And I'm fond of eating spaghetti.

With #5, just read my tagged post. :D.

#6, totally indifferent. LOL.

#7 I'm actually a loner.

#8 Love photography soo much that I developed in me some sort of super vanity!LOL

Reyn said...
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dorkzter said...

heheh congratulatins on gaining weight. :D

iRonnie said...

i also love spaghetti and dreams of becoming a leisure photographer as well. i love to shoot --> http://www.photos.ironnie.com/

Ely said...

reyn, napansin ko lang karamihan ng mga bloggers, mahilig magpicture. :)

tnx dorkzter!

hi ronnie! visited ur site. Nice photos. Mukhang mahilig ka sa macro, ano camera gamit mo?

Reyn said...

Indeed. Coz pictures are important elements in blogging. :D

dean said...

boss lamig no? tena uwi tayo!

hehehe!! thanks for the tag

pusa said...

thanks for doing the meme =)

1. not my fave number but i dont consider it as unlucky, yeah 13 can be lucky sometimes

2. i also love cheese, actually para akong daga hehe

3. wow you must be really a good looking hunk =)

4. ayos un mga toys mo, inggit ako sa mga pinsan ko before na taga province rin kc unique un toys nila gaya sayo hand made

5. naks promil kid na naudlot? hehe

6.i want to be called fat too!

7. sometimes the best companion we can have is ourselves talaga!

8. dream ko rin un, nga lang wala pa pambili ng high tech na cam, di bale lets make the most out of our digicam =)

Eilanna said...

Wow! Ang sarap siguro sa lugar ninyo..may mga hills & mountains at river pa sa paligid at playground mo iyun!

Honor student din ako nung gradeskul pero nung nag-highskul na at college wala na. Di naman "loser" pero low profile lang ako. Ewan ko ba kung paano at bakit ko naisipang maging ganun na lang ako. :D

Ah talaga tumaba ka na?! Effective pala yung ininom mong pills! Congrats!

Anyways...here's my reply. :)

Thanks uli! :)