Thursday, January 3, 2008

The 7-hour walk.

Hiking on Christmas day? Why not?!

I thought I’d get really (really) tired, provided that I’d be off for another 7-hour trip back to
Manila the next day. But it was my grandma’s request to see us, uhm, me in particular; I thought it’s a sin to beg off.

Deprived of access to any kind of transportation (except during summer), visiting my grandmother on a remote barrio would mean we’ll need to walk, hike, swim…something that I wouldn’t mind doing unless I’ll have enough time to rest after. I’ll be traveling the next day and go to work with no time for sleeping. Thinking that it’s something that may never happen again, on Christmas day, I woke up at 4 in the morning and decided to go, we started walking at about 5:10am. It was still dark, thanks to the full moon.

Dawn. Taken at about 5:30 in the morning.

It’s actually about less than a 2-hour walk; we planned to make it three hours. With my camera at hand, we ended up walking for three and a half hours. Back and forth, that’s seven hours.

I didn’t feel tired at all. I was busy admiring the view like I’ve never seen them before. I was furious I didn’t buy an extra memory card before Christmas. I had to lower down my camera resolution to 3MP, and painstakingly deleted some photos one after the other depending on their “value”.

Putting my animalistic appeal to test.

How nature made me feel so insignificant.

Enjoying the waters.

My grandma’s hidden treasures.

Digging inside her century-old "baul", our grandmother showed us this:

They’re not gold, but definitely they’re more than 100 years old, I don’t know exactly where they came from neither do I know how they’re called. Must be an accessory back in the 18th century (or earlier, who knows). With a hearing problem, I didn’t demand grandma for a story.

Busy taking pictures, I didn’t notice these coins, until my brother exclaimed 1857!

The oldest coin in the collection is the Mexican (peso?) dated 1857. Above is a newer one, 1861.

And look how our Philippine Peso looked like back in the early 1900’s. I wish we still have the “ United States of America” on our money today.


iRonnie said...

wow ang ganda naman ng trail papunta kay lola mo. nice shots on her treasures.

pusa said...

its really nice to walk sometimes specially kun ganyan kaganda ang view!

wow you found treasures! :) pagpapalain ang mababait na apo!

Ely said...

thanks ronnie! More pics at my photoblog.

pusa, i really enjoyed the view. Those "treasures"- the icing on the cake.

Reyn said...



yun lang masasabi ko. speechless ako eh lolz.

Reyn said...

Tsaka astig yung mga coins ah! Sobrang mahal ng value nyan for sure!

Ely said...

tnx Reyn! More at my photoblog. yup mahal nga daw mga yan.

CresceNet said...

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dorkzter said...

kewl. i miss hiking . :D
those coins are treasures!! :D

arjay said...

nainggit ako sa hiking. parang gusto ko rin masubukan. hehe.

footiam said...

Oh! That's nice. I wish I can walk along too!

Alternati said...

Hey Ely.

Wow. I have never seen coins like that before.

What a nice way to spend the holidays. I bet your grandma felt really great.

A prosperous 2008!

Ely said...

dorkzter, arjay, i had fun! Ndi ko masyado naramdaman pagod after.

alternati, properous 2008 too! Yah, nabuhay ulit lola ko nung makita ako. hehe

Honney said...

oh wow. i love the photos! ang ganda ng lugar! kainggit. good morning!

LAD said...

im so digging your place. ang ganda, perfect for photo shoots.

reyna elena said...

ely! YAYAMAN ka sa coins na yan! lagay mo sa eBay! daliiii!!!