Thursday, February 7, 2008

Moving in

After 10 months of renting a room alone here in Manila, I’ve finally decided to share an apartment with a friend. It would be my first time to have a housemate in 4 years.

And I thought I have to be ready for these:

>Cleaning up my own mess (and my housemate’s too!).
>Expect some week-old dishes on the sink (not mine!).
>May not be able to sleep with all lights in the entire place off.
>Share my food, won’t eat without saying “kain!”
>Can’t walk around naked anymore.

Well, I’d be expecting a cut off my monthly bills anyway. I hope I would be able to save something from now on.

And yes, this day last year, I was at home back in province, packing my belongings and getting ready to catch a bus, Manila bound. uh, that's one year... gone so fast. :P


Abaniko said...

As long as you have separate rooms, it's okay but if you share the same room, it's a bit tough. Good luck!

arjay said...

ako naman ay am moving out. haha.