• Kiss and Tell

    It’s always great to confide on someone whom you trust about things that you often keep to yourself. Knowing that they're listening -that always makes me feel better. Sometimes it’s all I actually need, someone who will listen. I am often the listener; I am not much of a talker so when I talk I make sure I get the attention.

    I felt so at ease with one of my officemates that during an outing, I started sharing to her what has been bothering me lately. She’s older than me, she gave me good advice and there she got my trust.

    After a few days she started telling me things (gossips!). Not about me, but about the others whose secrets she’s been told too. Although I had fun, err guilty pleasure listening, I had this awkward feeling knowing the fact that she might have been sharing them my stories also. I freaked out, ano na nga ulit mga kinuwento ko sa kanya?!? Waaah! luckily I did not really tell her anything very confidential.

    I don’t know if she’s telling me all those things because she trusts me that I won’t tell anyone about it (knowing my silent-type, aloof personality), or if it’s just her “nature”. It would be alright if that’s the reason. I’ll keep her as a friend but I definitely will refrain from telling her any of my stories again.

    She and her friends invited me to go to Oceanarium second week of April, maganda daw dun? Saw some pictures from some bloggers and mukhang ok nga. We’ll be off to a Laguna hot spring resort after that. I hope they won’t get bored with me, because I’ll be keeping my mouth shut. It’s safer that way. LOL



    1. reyna elena said...

      Ely ha?! I demand monogamousness saken! hehehe!!!

      Anyway, pag magkikiss and tell ka den lang, gawin mong morbidly exciting para masarap ang story! hehehe

    2. Prily said...

      I'd been to Ocean Park and yes,it's worth it although hindi pa talaga tapos lahat yong nagpunta kami.Wear comfortable footwear,then,don't miss the second floor---there's the fish spa!

    3. iRonnie said...

      better safe (quiet) than sorry. hehe. enjoy life!

    4. Reyn said...

      Natawa ako sa last lines mo.

      Pero TRUE, mahirap nang magtiwala. May pinagsabihan din ako ng secret dati, ayun, after ilang days, sikat na ko sa'min. O diba, ganyan ang nagagawa pag nagsasabi ka ng sikreto sa iba. Lolz.

      Pero hindi naman lahat ng tao ganun. We'll never know what'll your officemate do next. Pero sa tingin ko it has become fair naman eh, kasi nag-exchange secrets kayo. Pero hindi rin, baka kwentong barbero lang yung sa kanya (kung hindi lahat, baka may halo). Lolz.

      Hindi naman ako against her. Ang point ko lang ay mahirap talagang magtiwala. Hehe...

    5. Ely said...

      reyna, monogamous po ako by nature. hehe

      Prily, thanks for the ex link! i definitely will check that, Thanks a lot!

      ronnie, ur ryt, thanks!

      reyn, madali ako kasi magtiwala kung minsan, maybe thats the problem. may ibang tao kasi mukhang madaling pagkatiwalaan...but that's ok, she's still a friend.

    6. Abaniko said...

      Careful with officemates. I think it's not good to share confidential stuff with them for you don't know later, your bestfriend will become your worst enemy at the work place. Oh well, enjoy Ocean Park!

    7. Ely said...

      Thanks for the advice Abaniko! I thought so. Nakakasira ng samahan...

    8. dak said...

      hi, thanks for dropping by my blog.

    9. reyna elena said...

      tama yung sinabi ni abaniko hehehe ingat sa best prend at work, eh kasi minsan sila magpapabagsak sayo

    10. Ely said...

      dak, ur welcome and thanks too!

      reyna, based from experience po ba yan? hehe.

    11. pusa said...

      tsk tsk tsk LOL ingat sa mga kinukwento sa ibang tao :)

      btw may tag ako sa sayo lam mo naman favorite kita eh hahaha

    12. Ely said...

      hi Pusa, thanks for the tag! hehe

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