Friday, March 14, 2008

Why I love going to work

I was thinking about how to motivate myself lately. It’s just so hard to wake up everyday and go to work, when the rest of world is about to sleep. I’ve been doing the same thing for a year now and so I thought I should write down some good things that my job is doing for me.

Check my list below.

1. Having no AC in my room, going to work would allow me to stay in a fully air-conditioned environment for 9 hours.

2. I get to see my buddies at work, some I already considered friends. Now, that’s social climbing skills put to good use. LOL

3. I could surf the internet for hours…free of charge.

4. Chatting. Thanks for YM Beta. So I don’t need to install YM in my computer, that way I won’t get caught playing while at work. The downside: all my YM contacts are already sleeping except for my sister who’s bugging me for some news from home.

5. The freedom to blog. Our IT people have disabled our Friendster access (although we could use a proxy to get through), same is true with Multiply and U-tube. Thanks God Blogger is still accessible! I could blog and update my posts while helping a 70 year old grandma calling from the other side of the planet to locate “My Computer” in her pc.

6. Having the opportunity to enhance (or I mean pratice) my English. The customers are my guinea pigs. I’d experiment with my twang, ahhhh, until I nose bleed.

7. Taking a nap when I get tired blog hopping while waiting for a call to come in.

8. Getting paid every 15 days by doing all the things I mentioned above. Isn’t that motivating enough?


(Uhm, need to go back to work now)


Reyn said...

AYun oh!

Yung number 5 oh, gawain ko rin yan nung nandyan pa ko! Wahaha!

Pero diba nasabi ko rin sayo na nakakapag Friendster, YouTube, at Multiply din ako kahit walang proxy?! Wihihihihi...

Ely said...

hi reyn. Kami ndi pwede eh. Klangan pa rin ng proxy. Meron kami Mac book na umiikot sa floor. Un pd gamitin surf kahit anong website.

footiam said...

Good for you , Ely! Think positive!

Ely said...

Thanks footiam!

Abaniko said...

Doesn't your company give free unlimited coffee and iced tea? Ours do. Hehe.

Ely said...

Abaniko, yah i forgot the free coffee, and the freebies (bags, jackets, etc.) too!

Abou said...

sarap ng work mo no? kainggit he he

ni link na kita ha...

Ely said...

abou, thanks for the link! I just added u too. Cheers!