Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Late update.

Tired from the Manila-Batangas trip last Saturday, got no time to update my blog. The trip was so exhausting, for some reasons we ended up traveling for seven hours from Manila to Batangas. Naligaw ata driver namin. Going back to Manila, it took us only 3 hours. Must be the Saturday traffic, the driver not familiar with the place (dalawang bus, parehong naligaw), or may be we're just out of luck. Upon arriving, we learned that our room has been occupied by another group, we had no choice but to switch rooms. I got so pissed off that after dinner, I decided to stay away from the crowd and sleep the whole night.

Inaantok na. I was so ready to go to bed.

The resort, named Taramindu (because of the tamarind trees dotting around the place), is quite small for us 90+ people who attended. The food was not good, the area at the entrance to the resort stinks, lights and air conditioning went off at about 4am, a water shortage (kaya nga daw may dagat, dun na maligo!). Overall, everything was not worth the grueling seven hour bus ride. LOL

Ayun po mga sampalok sa likod.

I actually think everybody had fun that night except me. That wasn't just my idea of having fun. The next day, I was glad I din't join them drinking. They would have seen the devil Ely.

The story: One guy got extremely jealous of me because of being so close to this girl whom he claims to be his girlfriend, the real score -that i don't know. She happens to be a close friend. Just friends, never romantic. I only learned the next day that I was taking a shower when he came to our room mad, angry and looking for me. Sinugod pala niya ako na hindi ko alam.

He then went back to his group.
Nagwala, umiyak, nagkalat...siya dun. LOL.

He should feel lucky I was in the shower, no idea of what was going on outside, or else, the worst could have happened.

Back in the office, I've been passing near his station all day today. He's stationed near the door so he has to bear seeing me every time I take a break.
Di siya makatingin ng diretso. Poor kid.

Anyway, i'll be in Laguna this Saturday with three of my officemates. Hope the hot springs there would soothe me.




summer na nga, di lang sun ang maiinit.. pati ang ulo ng mga tao... cool lang.

dakilang bayani said...

mahirap ata maging pogi laging pinagseselosan! heheh buti di ka sinugod pati sa banyo..sarap ah puro outing lang buhay mo jan

Ely said...

kris jasper, honga eh, sa bahay, sa workplace, nag-iinit ulo ng mga tao.

dakilang bayani, nagkataon na sunod-sunod mga outing, i'm tired pero di na pwede mag-back out eh. hehe

Abaniko said...

Looks like you had fun! Summertime - beaching time. Hehe.

footiam said...

Going to fight over a girl you are not involved in, Ely? Not worth it!

Abou said...

kulang ang saya sa outing kung walang selosan! ha ha.

Ely said...

Abaniko, yup, it's summer time, making the most out of it.

Definitely not worth it footiam.

Abou, ganun ba yun, klangan awayan? hehe. Sabagay mas exciting un kung minsan.

reyna elena said...

ang haba nang buhok mo ever! hehehe! kung andyan ako, ipagtatanggol kita kahit sa lamok. hehehe

cedeux said...

wow. kainggit naman nyan.
sana makapg beach na rin ako pero takot ako sa araw. hehehe

buti na lang walang nangyaring gulo... oh well ganyan tlaga tayo... habulin ng gulo. hehehe

ingats bro.

Prily said...

wow, guys you have a blast!

R-yo said...

Ahhh! Sarap mag Beach!