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    We were at the Manila Ocean Park last Saturday. It was our first stop before heading to a hot spring resort in Laguna. The Ocean Park was ok, although far from what I’ve expected. I thought the Php400 entrance fee was not worth it. LOL

    The resort in Laguna was even more disappointing, I won’t even bother mentioning its name, in fact not a single picture was taken while we're inside. I don’t understand why they call it a hot spring resort when in fact it is not, and its DOT accredited, well, speaking of poor standards.

    Anyway, we left early the next Sunday and visited Rc’s place in Paranaque. It was not part of the plan. We were amazed by their home art gallery, as art lovers we got the best part of our trip here.

    The place is called Kulay-Diwa.

    It was divided in to three parts, the white, orange and black room.

    I liked the orange room the most, but the lighting in the black room was perfect for picture taking without flash.

    With Joy and Mae.

    Medyo bitin. I asked Rc if we could go back, i wasn't able to take a picture of the "old furniture". Joy, who has a third eye said there's something in it. She didn't see it that day and so we're planning to check it out next time. I'd be posting a ghost story...


    By the way, I started watching the first few episode of Prison Break. I'm hooked. Definitely way way past my expectations.


    1. KRIS JASPER said...

      im looking forward to ur next post...

    2. cedeux said...

      wow, a home art galery. astig ah.
      like kuya kris, can't wait for your ghostly post=]

      salamat nga pla sa pagdaan=]

    3. islander2007 said...

      di ba bago lang nagbukas yung Ocean Park? balak ko nga masyal dyan before bumalik dito kaso bitin sa time...i've heard it's a nice park?

    4. Ely said...

      kris jasper, coming soon...

      cedeux, welcome po. doctor ka pala? tama ba? hehe.

      islander2007, yup bago lang. I fact hindi pa 100% finished and construction. Maganda naman...

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