Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baguio: The country connection

After spending a day with my family at home, had a drop-off at Baguio last week. I just needed to get a copy of my authenticated birth certificate. My friend was amused for I cannot stand the heat while being in a mile-long queue just to get that paper here in Manila. I thought at least the line in Baguio is shorter and uh, love the weather! I wouldn’t mind spending extra for the comfort.

Enough with the cool weather and the vanishing pine trees. Let me talk about:

Marlboro country.

No one seem to notice, but Baguio (and most of the Cordillera region) for me is too country. They love country music, and well, where in the Philippines could you see people dancing the Achy Breaky Heart?

There's a radio station which exclusively plays country music, and they have their own local country singers:

And shops with cowboy shoes on display:


And the ultimate Cordillera cowboy look:

I'm not really into country music although I thought Shania Twain is amazing and I was a fan of Carrie Underwood during her Idol days, and Baguio made me appreciate their music more.

Well, speaking of country, we were at the Cowboy Barn somewhere in Cavite last week, just got surprised to see a bar of this kind outside Baguio.

Wala lang ma-post.


iRonnie said...

i've never seen this side of baguio. sana gawa ka mini guide on must see spots in baguio and how to get there. hehe.

Dakilang Islander said...

astig si manong sa first pic...hehh meron din bang brokeback mountain dyan...ahihii

pusa said...

wow haven't seen them country boys when i last visited baguio

Ely said...

ironnie, hmmm...makagawa nga. Thanks for the idea.

dakilang islander, madami mountains, ewan ko lang kung may brokeback. hehehe.

pusa, not mainstream Baguio kaya di sila pansin. They're seen usually during special occasions, but the cowboy getup is everywhere.

my-so-called-Quest said...

masarap ba jan?
papalibre ako sayo e!

may country boys pala dun.
sabagay di pa ko nakakapunta ng baguio! hehehe

iRonnie said...

thanks. ive been to baguio twice pa lang and parang wala na akong makita kasing bago. ayaw ko na ng SM, minesview, at mansion house. planning to go back within the year kaya would love to learn other interesting places.

Ely said...

mysocalledquest, LOL, may mayaman ba nagpapalibre? hehe

ironnie, i agree, kakasawa na mga common places na pinupuntahan. Lemme see if i could come up with interesting post for that.

> Vanny said...

wow! di pa yata ako napadpad d2. or hnde ko masyado naexplore ang baguio nung pumunta ako dun..

c manong, mega pose! haha. :D

Diablo said...

haha, taga baguio ka aya? naina... ^_^

acey said...

ang sexy naman ng ultimate cordillera cowboy look na yan! haha.

this is a nice side of baguio.

Ely said...

vanny, hehe. di kasi yan masiyado napapansin.

diablo, haan manong. idyayak lang nagiskwela. :P

acey, naka-bahag lang ata. hehe


didn't know these things exist in Baguio til u posted them... and they're really cool.
it's like a cooler version of Texas I suppose.

olan said...

waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.... i wanna come and visit that place...peeling ko may local version jan si roninson crusoe.. hehehe.

Lawstude said...

Prekoy, ang tagal ko sa Baguio pero di ko napansin yan, well, siguro yung kabayo part pansin ko.

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Mugen said...

Hindi ko alam na marami palang cowboy sa Baguio. Which reminds me, tagal ko na hindi nakakaakyat dun.

Ely said...

KRIS JASPER VAN DYKE, I'm not sure, probably copied from Texas?

olan, ok un. Travel ka from South to North. hehe

lawstude, madami di nakakapansin, hehe. will check that out. Thanks!

mugen, yup they're often called the Benguet cowboys

dean said...

wwaah!! super natawa talaga ako dito sa post na to! freshman ako sa UPbaguio nun at ang unang natanong ko sa sarili ko about sa mga tao sa baguio was "may cowboy sa bundok?"... ahahaha!!! at ang shoes, patusok kung patusok! deadly!

Ambo said...

Di ba kagaling mo lang ng Baguio anjan ka na naman hehehehe. Tagal ko na talagang nawala sa sirkulasyon kaya eto nabawi ako sa mga post nyo. hehehehe