• Flying without wings

    Lilipad ako para lang sayo...

    I always dream about flying. It started when I was in high school and it all began with me running really fast while being chased by someone (or something), then all off a sudden I started to slowly elevate, my entire body paralleled to the ground, until I discovered I was already flying, and I could.

    I love it.

    Now it's just flying, no more chasing. I'd fly with no wings, no costume, not as a feathered creature or anything. One thing I noticed is that I can’t go as high as the clouds. I’ve seen myself flying above rooftops, above the trees, but not higher than maybe 50 feet. I always try to keep as near to the ground as possible.

    If before I tried to be unnoticed, last night’s flying dream was different. I saw people looking at me, and that didn’t bother me anymore. In fact I was trying to show them how I do it. It made me proud and I loved it.

    But flying is not always very easy. Sometimes it’s hard to soar high; kinda tiring it needs a lot of energy in order not to fall, which by the way never happened so far. Most often, the flying is slow, but one time I was in this highway and I was flying as fast as the cars speeding below.

    Weird. But it feels great. And unlike my other dreams which are all blurry and totally unremembered once I'm awake, the flying is so real. I can remember every detail, everything that I did, the place, the people…

    uh, well.

    Google's providing a lot of interpretations of this dream, from ancient interpretations, Egyptian to Mesopotamian, from Native America to Africa, most of them of a winged man flying. I think this is the closest to mine, I got it from a UK based site:

    “Most flying dreams, are positive. They make you feel independent and free. You may also experience the feeling of being able to reach greater heights, that nothing is impossible. Flying also gives you great insight in that you can see both where you have been and where you are going. Many times, people that have jobs that require high performance, such as a salesperson or athlete, have flying dreams. People who are involved in an activity or hobby they love also may frequently experience flying dreams. It is believed that people who dream of flying are of a high intelligence and are very creative and expressive.”



    1. reyn said...

      Hi Ely,

      I agree with the last sentence of the quoted paragraph. :)

      I believe you will soar high. This is a great post. Keep going.

    2. Rio said...

      "It is believed that people who dream of flying are of a high intelligence and are very creative and expressive.”

      huwaw!! talaga? pero bakit parang hindi applicable sa akin? lols

    3. Dakilang Islander said...

      kala ko kumakanta ka lang ng all the wings of love!! heheh

    4. my-so-called-Quest said...

      di ko pa nararanasan lumipad sa panaginip it's either nahuhulog ako sa bangin ng kawalan o patay ako. hmmmmm...

      pero keep on believing ang achieving=]
      kaya mo yan.

      aim high, soar high!

    5. KRIS JASPER VAN DYKE said...

      wow! maybe a sign of good things to come? soar high!

    6. thejournicler said...

      just remember not to fly too close to the sun ;p

    7. reyn said...

      ^ Icarus? Haha...

      my-so-called-Quest, ako naman nahuhulog sa kama. May mga chances pa nga na feeling ko nalalaglag yung ulo ko. Hindi ko ma-explain nang maayos (haha) pero I'm sure naranasan nyo na rin yun.

    8. R-yo said...

      Teka, you don't have to just dream naman e. Pag-uwi ko, isama kita dun sa me amin. Sigurado ko, makakalipad ka. hehehhe

    9. Ely said...

      hi reyn, thanks! i'm holding on that too.

      rio, medyo applicable naman, saken, medyo lang. hehe

      dakilang islander, ndi ako marunong kumanta.

      my-so-called-quest, ndi pa ako nanaginip na nahuhulog...may napanaginipan na ako na patay pero ndi ako. :P

      kris jasper van dyke, hopefully!

      the journicler, mababa nga lipad ko eh. hehe

      r-yo, hehe. talaga? san ba sa inyo?

    10. > Vanny said...

      ako din gusto ko ding lumipad! goodluck sa atin. ;)

    11. enrico said...

      how about flying on a different wing? bka nman ur bound to travel. ako I get to experience flying when I get to see, hear, taste, feel and experience a different culture. hehe. i haven't dreamt of flying for d longest tym. pero tama ka, it feels good. sna mnaginip uli ako nun. Hehe :9

    12. alternati said...

      I've dreamt I was flying several times myself. I like the initial part of my dreams where I am trying to learn how to fly. Still uneasy, trying to steer clear of trees (madami sa labas ng bintana ko, hehe) and then an all out swift arms on your side, air against your face flying. Like you, I never have a fancy cape or any such paraphernalia.

      I love the feeling you have in the morning after dreams like that. :D

    13. balot said...

      do your flying dreams always end with you feeling tired and even breathless? mine do. :(

      oh well...

    14. kingdaddyrich said...

      ilang beses na rin sa talambuhay ko na nanaginip ako ng lumilipad. maraming sinaryo, iba iba, pero ang resulta sa huli ay lumilipad ako.

    15. Abou said...

      di ka naman nagdo droga diba?

    16. Ely said...

      vanny, sige lipad na, hehe

      enrico, bound to travel? hopefully!

      alternati, mukhang pareho tayo panaginip. I do love the feeling too!

      balot, never felt really really tired. it just feels good.

      kingdaddyrich, hmmm. dami pala lumilipad sa panaginip. :)

      abou, hindi naman, hehe

    17. yoshke said...

      i was easily reminded of a certain Westlife song. hahaha.

      nice post. once lang ako nanaginip na lumilipad. I was 6years old then. haha.

      Fly high, ely.

    18. Ely said...

      yoshke, 6 years old? Galing ng memory, naalala pa, hehe

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