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    The rule: You have to enumerate 5 factoids about you that people may not know of. These could either be personal stuff, embarrasing moments in your life, weird habits, a funny pet name and so on and so forth.

    Awryt, here we go:

    1. I have acrophobia; fear of heights. I could hardly look down a window from about 10 floors (and higher) above the ground.

    2. I love eating. I eat anything with cheese. I love fatty foods, fastfoods, anything that could make me fat. I love it when I'm gaining weight. I don't wanna get sick because it makes me look 10 lbs thinner after. It would take me months to gain that 10lbs back and yeah, eating 5-6 times a day is a lot of hard work, not to mention, expensive!

    3. Ain't got a driver's license. I don't know how to drive. And no, I don't care about owning a car. I'm probably the last person on earth who would make car a priority in my wish list.

    4. There's this small scar on my chin, caused by me, doing a balancing act on a water pipe when I was 11.

    5. A birthmark on my right thigh. Hardly noticeable, just a little darker than my skin color, no wonder, no one (who had access) ever really noticed it.

    I'm passing this tag to: anyone who loves starting a conversation with the letter "i".



    1. Chyng said...

      1st honor ako dito!

      nice to know these rare facts. hehe

      nwey, i usually start my conversation with a "Hey!.."

    2. aajao said...

      1. sayang di kita pwedeng yayain mag bunjee jumping.

      2. ako rin matakaw. lol. yun ba translation ng #2 factoid mo? :P

      3. uy pag nanalo ka ng car prize on any raffle draws, bigay mo sa kin huh?! :D

      4. the kids in us. hehehe...

      5. "who had access"? wow. intriguing. hahaha!

      thanks ely! :p

    3. Ely said...

      chyng, 1st honor nga! hehe. i start it with a smile.. :)

      aajao, pwede ako sa bunjee jumping! Ung car, papaconvert ko na lang sa cash. Access?...denied. hehehe

    4. Reyn said...

      I remember your post dati, tag post din yun, haha...

      Anyway, I saw your scar. I did! haha..

    5. JoShMaRie said...

      haha. i dunno how to drive to. but i dreamt of being a race car driver. ang problema, ni hindi nga ako marunong magbike eh. hehe.

    6. RONeiluke, RN said...

      really cool facts...

      scientists says acrophobia is normal body mechanism to prevent falls. i love to eat too pero tamad magluto! wala pa rin akong planong magdrive pero i have to learn i guess. kelangan eh..hehehe!

      wala yata akong birthmarks...hehehe!

    7. acey said...

      fun facts. thanks for sharing, ely! :)

    8. gillboard said...

      ako marunong magdrive ng kotse.. pero walang balak magfull time.. feeling ko, that's the death of me.

    9. yoshke said...

      meron din akong little scar sa chin. hehe. katangahan ko. haha

    10. TheScud said...

      mas masaya pa rin mag-commute. pag-antok ka pwede ka matulog sa fx. you don't have to worry kung kailangan na magpa-gas or change oil. hehe. lagot ka lang pag-maulan. this is where, i think cars will come in handy. and if you go on dates. :-)

    11. r-yo said...

      so, kaya mo pa ba mag balance sa pipes ngayon? baka doon ka natrauma kaya ayaw ng heights, o speed na rin siguro. i suggest magbalance ka uli to exorcize your demons, he he. at yung balat mo sa thigh, dapat kasi, pinapaalam mo yan sa mga me access. identification mark din yan kung sakali. lol!

    12. Abaniko said...

      On your # 3, I'm also not into cars. If my company hasn't lent me one, I might find myself taking public utility vehicles. Hehe.

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