• Pathetic attempt at poetry

    No. I'm not looking for love.
    Call me selfish.
    I am.
    I don't wanna fall in love.
    Not yet, not so soon.

    Dahil ayoko ko nang mag emo.
    Di bale nang nag-iisa.
    May ka-holding hands? Hindi ako naiingit.
    May kahalikan? Hindi ako naiingit.
    May kayakap? Hindi ako naiingit.
    PDA? Hindi ako naiingit.

    Masaya akong single.

    Doesn't make sense? Sorry na, hindi ako makata.
    Walang rhyme, wala lang. hehehe.

    Got this tag from ice.
    Here’s the rule:

    1. Write a poem or an inspiring line based on a photo of your choice. This photo can be your own, or someone else’s. (If the picture is not yours, please ask permission from the owner when you post it, or better yet, provide only the link to the picture that inspired you, without posting it.)


    2. Your poem or inspiring line may be of any length, and any genre. It can be humorous, sentimental, heart-warming, whatever. You may write in Ilokano, English or Filipino.


    3. Post your inspiring line in your blog and in the comment section of this page (or just a link to your post so we could go and check it there). For poetry submissions, please indicate if you wish your piece to be posted in Bilingual Pen as an article submission.

    4. The goal of this game is to get us to write, and express our thoughts and emotions.

    I'm tagging:

    Kris Jasper



    1. kouji said...

      interesting photo.

      also congratulations on Pinoy Ambisyoso’s Top Commentator Contest. :)

    2. Ely said...

      thanks kouji! top commentator? Didn't know that. hehe. Will have to check Pinoy Ambisyoso's blog.

    3. _ice_ said...


      naman tol galing naman..

      wala namang rule pag gumawa ng poem eh kasi feeling natin yon..

      salamat tol ha...
      ingat lagi

    4. Nicely said...

      interesting post!

    5. pusa said...

      uy nice, thanks sa tag, will try to do this.. medyo natatamad kasi ako magblog ngayon eh :)

    6. Reyn said...

      haha...at talagang ni-tag mo ko..

      dahil ba puro mga tula ang mga huli kong posts?hehe...

    7. R-yo said...

      he he. lumalabas ang pagiging emo natin a.

    8. KRIS JASPER said...

      omg ely! Haha.. Me? Compose poem? Haha.. If u asked me 2 slash my wrist, that would have been easier. Lol.

      But ok, i rarely do tags but i like this one, so ok, i'l do it.

    9. RONeiluke, RN said...

      ahehehe... i'll drink to that! love lately will just complicate things... ang sarap kayang maging single! SOBRA! T_T...

      hehe! thanks! natag din ako ni ice nito. this will be my next post :)


      ui, si kris jasper gagawa na tula. aabangan ko yan! hahaha!

    10. .::. Vanny .:. said...

      hahaha. ganda ng picture. period.

      hahaha. bad vanny. :D

      goodluck sa new career if ever. hekhek. inagt lagi ely! ;)

    11. KRIS JASPER said...

      nagawa ko na po sir.

    12. acey said...

      hey that's a cool pic of you, man. :) and, wow, single and happy! i am proud of you. most people i come across with usually complain about being single.

    13. Lance said...

      ahaha..na tag din ako neto..
      actually nice naman ang poem eh.. there's no rule in literature, or kung meron man, meron ding exceptions...

      na try ko na din maging single.. ngayon may baby pa ako and happy naman ako...hehehehe

    14. Ely said...

      ice, ur welcome! na-stress ako sa tag. hehehe. joke.

      nicely, i dont really think it is, but, thanks!

      pusa, hehe. sige. we'll wait for it.

      reyn, napansin ko nga. hehe

      r-yo, hindi naman masiyado. LOL

      kris jasper, thanks for doing the tag. Ganda ng poem mo ah! hehhe

      roneiluke, pangalawang poem mo na? sorry didn't notice.

      vanny, hahaha. that's ok. Gud luck to u too!

      acey, thanks. yah, single and very happy!

      lance, sabi nga nila. hehehe.thanks!

    15. Dakilang Islander said...

      single and very happy? subukan ko nga..hehheh panalo sa pic ah!!

    16. onatdonuts said...

      mantakin mo nga naman, at least nailabas mo ang iyong mga agam-agam sa pamamagitan ng isang tula. hehe

      ayos nga ang pic mo ah astig

    17. TheScud said...

      happiness is relative, methinks. there are some who feel more comfortable (and happy) if they're in a relationship. yung iba naman ayaw ng complications kaya single muna. hehe.

      hats off sa mga singles! :-)

    18. _ice_ said...

      tol musta.. visit ka naman sa site na ito


      vote mo ako pag trip mo.. heheheheh

    19. Honney said...

      bwahahaha. inlove ka, dude? sino ba yan? hahaha. ibulong mo sa akin. or else...hehe...

    20. Ely said...

      dakilang islander, oo, very happy! :)

      onatdonuts, thanks! hehehe

      thescud, i'd choose the second one. hehe

      ice, ok. check it later.

      honney, nakow, yan na lang magiging QA topic naten. hehe

    21. Looking For The Source said...

      the pic is nice.

      the poem doesnt sound pathetic naman no. ok lang yan. pakelam ba nila! nyahaha...

      and being single?... uhm.. it rocks? oh yeah, it rocks!

    22. Ely said...

      Looking For The Source, thanks for the compliment (?), hehehe, yeah it rocks to be single!


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