Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I am staring at this new post page which has remained open for hours. I was able to key in letters, words, composed sentences, and paragraphs. They end up disappearing in no time.

That's what happens when you're out of ideas. No specific topic to talk about, nothing. If I were using a typewriter, I would have already made mother nature so unhappy with the piles of papers I've wasted. I wonder why backspace is not made possible with typewriters? I'm thinking white ink. Isnopik.

And so I took one of our cameras, aimed a macro shot at this ever wonderful, oh so helpful button. I think it deserve some recognition.

Hail to the backspace!!!


reyna elena said...

hahaha! i don't wanna backspace my life hahaha! if ever ibabato ko na lang yan sa demonyong ex boss ko hahaha

TheScud said...

haha. ganyan talaga pag meron writer's block. buti na lang di ko nararanasan yan ngayon. :-)

4ever7 said...

Please update your url. I have deleted my Avatar Temple blog. I have a new blog, and I have added you to my blogroll already.

Abaniko said...

It's a good thing you're not a Mac user. :)

dylan dimaubusan said...

Hi Ely, nice to meet you, I'm Dylan..Dimaubusan.

i find it funny.. your post here.. haha!

hail to backspace button!

I haven't experience such writer's block (yet), hindi naman ako writer in the first place but my head keeps on talkin'! my blog is just an outlet..


Ely said...

reyna elena, LOL. Ndi naman buhay ang i-backspace. Pero, pwede rin. Gusto ko yun. hehe

TheScud, kaya nga eh. Kung ano-ano tuloy sinusulat ko.

Abaniko, I hate Mac. Panic mode ako pag may tumatawag na Mac user sa amin.

dylan dimaubusan, thanks for visiting! San ka po magpapakape? hehe