Sunday, August 31, 2008

13 Days

berrrrrrrrr months na.

13 days to go.

In 13 days, I’d be adding one more year to my age, which Medicard already did last week (sinabi ng 18, nilagay ba naman 19!?#%^$!@#%!?) Nagmamadali masiyado.

I have 13 days.

13 days to think again (parang NatGeo) making a long, should-have-done-this-should-have-done-that list in my mind.

Andaming hindi ko nagawa, andami ring sana hindi ko ginawa.

- 0 -
Dagdag ko lang; praying for Ely Buendia's speedy recovery. I owe him my name.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Meme: let your technorati explode!!!

Sorry po sa mga di ko nasasagot na comments sa mga posts ko below. I'm visiting all your blogs though.

Just received my X-ray results today.

Been suffering from extreme back pains for a week now. It happened twice in the past 30 days so I decided to finally go to the doctor. At ang sabi ni doc...


Buti na lang.

And yet another stranger at YM:

She reminds me of someone
Nagtataka tuloy ako, nag-iiba ba ang ibig sabihin ng "sino to?" pag nakarating sa LA o Riyadh?
And I didn't know that fs stands for Friendster? Another sign of aging? LOL

Post ko na din dito tag from

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And I'm tagging Honney, ice, 4ever7, J e z, Kris Jasper, my-so-called-Quest, Nanay Belen, onatdonuts, reyn, ROneiluke

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Nagtext kagabi kapatid ko: "May Olympic gold na ang Pilipinas."
Reply ko: "Naniwala ka naman."
Textback niya: "Meron, kakapanood ko lang awarding ceremony."

On ako ng TV, walang news, lipat ng channel, walang update. Kung totoong meron, unahan na sana sa Beijing ang mga tauhan ng magkabilang istasyon, at merong "exclusive" na nagbiblink sa baba ng kanilang screen.


Check ko internet.
Natabunan na ng ibang headlines ang balita. Wushu pala. Panalo nga pero hindi kasama sa official tally.
Wala lang. Not Counted. Pampalubag loob.

Ganun lang.

Walang gold medal.

Hanggat may mga kurakot katulad ni GMA at asawa niya na nakikinabang sa kakapiranggot na budget sa sports, huwag umasang may gold medal.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

i Mean it

Mga tanong na ayaw ko sana itanong pero itatanong pa rin.

1. Bakit kaya karamihan sa mga mahilig mag-PDA ay mga hindi naman nabiyayaan ng magagandang mukha. Ampanget tuloy tingnan.

2. Bakit kaya kung sino pa yung hirap kumita para may makain, sila pa yung madaming anak?

3. Bakit kaya kahit weekdays, punong-puno pa rin mga malls? Lahat kaya sila naka-leave? day-off? night shifters? o madami lang talaga jobless sa Pilipinas?

4. Andami atang may laptop na walang internet connection sa bahay? Makikita mo sila sa Starbucks, Burger King, basta may wifi.

This post was inspired by a couple smooching and canoodling in front of me while I was having lunch in a fastfood today.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Everyday is a bad hair day

OK. I'm a no Zohan. I don't know how to style my own hair.

It's like a problem since high school, they use to laugh at me because of my hair. I remember back then when every male classmate was sporting the Nick Carter hairstyle, and I wasn't. And when I finally got it, my hair stayed that way until college. I was afraid to cut it short, never tried to go bald.

Came F4 time, my hair was twice longer than normal.

After graduation, I was legally called kalbo.

While it was growing I didn't know what to do so I wore caps for months until it finally got long. It remained that way for a couple of years.

Last summer I shaved it off again, and I'm back to dealing with it while it's growing.

I just don't know what to do with a short hair.

My hair is so stiff;
so thick;
just so hard to manage;
It needs tons of gel or wax to fix it.

And so I have to resort to wearing caps for a few more weeks...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Rediscovering Danac, Sugpon, Ilocos Sur

A continuation to my 888 post.

Alright, last week, just got back from my grandma’s memorial services. I reported to work for two days and then I got sick. I was alone surviving for three days.

Anyway, the trip to back to my lola's barrio was rewarding.

And here’s what made it even exciting.

Going upstream the Amburayan river (on a bangka) against a strong current, it's a bit terrifying, never mind if I'd get wet but with a camera at hand, I would have preferred to walk.
We actually had to make a stop. Trying to save our shorts, we took them off wearing only an underwear from waste down, my niece saw this and got me painted. Aww!
Trekking a very narrow path. This one's even more scary. Imagine trying to keep your balance here with barely about 5 inches wide steps, sakto lang sa isang paa. One mistake at aabangan ka na ng mga bato at malakas na agos ng ilog sa baba.
That was before. Digging deeper it is now almost half a meter wide. But it's always advisable to never look down. Nakakahilo. And so I got dizzy looking down at the river below, makapicture lang. This is the river, bird's eye view, which looks a lot better during summer when the water is clear. This picture was taken summertime, the same spot, from a different angle: Now, the falls.
This is actually a view from my grandma’s house, the falls, which about a kilometer away. I spent almost half of my childhood years in this barrio and I never got tired looking at it. Approximately, it's about 100 meters tall. Is has a small pool below although not big enough for swimming. (As a kid, I never dared going there myself because of a myth about a huge snake nesting under the rocks.) The falls dries out during summer so you only get to see falling waters during the rainy season.
Siyempre naligo. And yet another smaller falls near the area. And this one's my favorite. I call it the falling waters though it doesn't look like a falls to me, if enlarged, you'll notice umaagos lang ang tubig sa mga halaman, coming from about 15 meters above. And I love the sound it creates. Relaxing kumbaga. Too bad after this shot, umayaw na camera ko. I would have taken a full length shot. Reviewing the photos later, almost everything is just so green. I love it.

Thanks everyone for the condolences and thanks to the kindness of my coworkers who volunteered as my reliever during my absence. I almost didn't make it and It would be a lifetime of regret on my part if I wasn’t there. I didn’t cry for some reason and I even managed to go out and took some seemingly “vacation photos” like these. But when it was time to walk back and leave, that’s when I felt like I missed something and couldn’t hold back my tears. I dropped by my grandma’s grave, prayed and bid her goodbye...

Friday, August 8, 2008


I was away for almost a week and was sick for three days. I'm not ready for my next post yet so I'm leaving you with this photo.

I just want to post something dated with the 888.

By the way,
my heartfelt gratitude to everyone. Stories and more photos later.