Thursday, February 26, 2009

Post Valetine post

She‘s been on mind since the first time I laid my eyes on her. She’s gorgeous, beautiful in the outside, and she’s got all these special qualities inside her that I couldn’t resist.

I want her.

I’ve never been this determined before. It’s about time, I thought. I find valentines day too cheesy, so I waited a few days after February 14th.


Feeling ecstatic that day, I finally made a move. I prepared everything that I need to bring and made a decision. It’s now, or never. I sneaked out of my room, took a cab and proceeded to our meeting place.

I arrived just on time. I peeked through the clear glass window, and there she is…stunning in red! Passersby couldn’t help but stop and take a look.

She seems quite ready; I know she’s waiting for me.

I’ve never been this excited and so happy. She’s mine now. I’m gonna cherish her, love her, adore her.

My baby…



The Scud said...

congrats on your new lappy! may pangalan na ba yan?

iRonnie said...

may kapatid ba yang ka date mo? lolz

i want one!!!

_ice_ said...

wow.. na-inggit naman ako dun..

sorbrang sweet naman nito..

Ely said...

The Scud, hmmm...Wala. ano ba magandang name? hehe

Ronnie, meron, ganda rin! LOL

ice, ndi nga sweet he. hehehe

Chyng said...

Your baby is gorgeous!

Reena said...

why red? anong ibang colors available?

lucas said...

Man, i want your baby! hahaha!

red is an interesting choice. fave color mo?

you should name her. my friend named her PC, J-O-S-H. hehe!

keep safe.

Ely said...

Chyng, she is! hehe

Reena, inggit kc ako sa Vaio ng friend ko na red. :)

lucas, wala kc available na black that time. ok din sana ung brown. white medyo boring, yoko nman ung green at yellow. of now nameless pa...

Honney said...

hay naku! akala ko naman totoo nang girl! hahaha. ang yabang naman ng laptop. pahiram ako. magkano bili mo?

Ely said...

Honney, secret, hehehe. Basta namumulubi na ako ngaun. LOL