• Let's vote Earth

    Thinking that it would somehow scare away burglars, I always leave the light on in my room every time I go to work. It's on for over 10 hours a day, 5 times a week. I don't turn it on while at home though, because I love total darkness when I'm asleep. In fact I have covered all my windows to avoid sun light from getting in, in my attempt to mimic the dark night during my sleeping time.

    Today, I'm gonna be adding one hour to my usual lights off routine.

    Hope everybody will do the same. Let's vote Earth. Let's all support Earth Hour 2009.



    1. Chyng said...

      Surely I will! Tulog ako pag ganyang oras eh. *winks*

    2. lucas said...

      two hours to go!!! sali ako dito. ilaw lang, right? ahehe! :P

    3. _ice_ said...

      ngee 8:30 na.. sasali kaya ang pbcom wahhhh

    4. _ice_ said...

      mali naman oras ng pc dito.. ano ba to

    5. my-so-called-Quest said...

      ginawa ko din sa dorm yan. hehehe
      woohooo! go team earth! hehehehe

    6. the donG said...

      it's good to know that you participated in this year's earth hour.

    7. Ely said...

      Guys, the Earth Hour was a success!!! Cheers!

    8. lucas said...

      astig nga tayo eh. nalaman ko kay rowjie na Philippines pala ang number one na nakiisa, both national and town category...lupit!

      really? ano naman kaya violation nila. buti na lang nadownload ko lahat ng vidz nila dun! ahehe! ganun ako kaadik sa rin on the rox dati. thanks to your post...hehe!

    9. aajao said...

      my household took part part of it :)

    10. yoshke said...

      Nasa byahe ako nun... was not able to participate. ahihihi

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