Tuesday, July 14, 2009


If there's one thing that I like about my current position at work, it's the opportunity for me to make decisions. Decisions based from my own judgements, which give me freedom as it take me away from the normal by-the-book resolutions. I am a person who'd think out of the box, make exemptions, break the rules, and always ready to justify my actions.

I get "hot" when being asked for an explanation why I have done this and not that. While I understand that I may have committed mistakes along the way, I still stand by what I have already said or done. I wouldn't mind acknowledging my failure, but that shouldn't be mistaken for a weakness.

I am just hardheaded.


Which reminds me of the lady who interviewed me when I was applying for my first job. She seemed to be quite satisfied with my answers that out of nowhere, she asked "what would you do if your integrity is being questioned at work?"

Uh! Fresh out of college, what do I know about integrity?!?

Trying to maintain my cool, I smiled and threw her back a question, "what do you mean by that?"

I got the job.



wanderingcommuter said...

hahahaha... nice answer!

lucas said...

wow..answering a question with a question. indeed, sometimes a single question is way better than a thousand statements... more power to your work, boss! :)

leslie said...

i like this...really beat the hell out of the lady!

Abaniko said...

So she was the one pressed to explain integrity to you, huh? Haha.

The Scud said...

sabi nga ni billie jean king (or was it navratilova?) 'pressure is a privilege'. wala lang. methinks it aptly describes the nature of your work.

have a great week!

Chyng said...

exactly. pag tinanong ka ngayon, what would you say? ;D

Ely said...

wanderingcommuter, lucas, thanks po!

leslie, Abaniko, yes. hehe. She went on giving her own explanation coupled with a sample scenario...LOL

The Scud, Billie Jean King, i think.

Ely said...

Chyng, gayahin ko ung binigay na example nung nag-interview saken, hahaha.

Lance said...

If there's one thing that I like about my current position at work, it's the opportunity for me to make decisions.
- I envy this..hehehe

I wonder what the lady would have said..like, errr...k next question..lolz

Na link na ba kita?or you linked me na bah? wahehehe

Ely said...

Lance, honga eh. Kung ako sa kanya, sasabihin ko lang, "never mind!", at tapos na ang interview..hehe. Nakalink na po kaw, tagal na dyan sa sidebar ko..

Otep of Arabia said...

hi dude. im glad u hit me back. i did added both ur sites so i could visit and learn from u more often.

behind that hard-lone type head of urs, i knew is a young man full and promise and, yes integrity..