Thursday, July 2, 2009

Groceries in paper bags

I blogged about this almost two years ago. Why not paper bags?

Last week, I heard that most grocery stores in Laguna have started using paper bags. I thought that's good news.

I just learned last Wednesday that SM is now doing the same. No plastic bags on Wednesdays, so expect to carry your groceries in a paper, unless you brought a bag with you. Green bags were used for free that day during the launch of the said campaign.

This, I totally support.


Abaniko said...

If all stores will use paper bags, what will eventually happen to our forests? :)

Ely said...

Abaniko, Not a problem, these are made out of recycled papers.

the donG said...

this is indeed a great way to save us from using plastics.

lucas said...

saan sa Laguna? parang wala pa akong nakikitang gumagamit ng paper bags for groceries sa Binan...hehe!

but i agree. people should think green and use paper bags instead of plastics.

Ely said...

the dong, indeed! Heard about a city in Australia just recently banned selling (plastic) bottled waters?

lucas, sa Paete. I have a friend who was buying pansit pero ndi tinuloy kc sa manipis na platic nilagay tas babalutin ng newspaper...hehehe. At mga groceries din daw puro paper bags na.