Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My father loves reading newspapers. Although he's not keen with the English language, he surprisingly prefers reading broadsheets over tabloids. My mom, for some reason collects and stores them.

In our family, it's almost considered a sin if we won't bring home a newspaper when we go out.

When I started living alone, I don't buy the papers anymore. I only get to read a newspaper when I see one inside a fast food, or while in a lounge area. Today, I got a free newspaper from Jollibee and it's quite a delight to hold and bring home a newspaper once again.

This is because, and are all bookmarked in my browser. Practically, why spend extra money in buying the papers when you can access them in just a few clicks? Besides, I use to complain about the smudges of black ink powders in my fingers everytime I browse through their pages.

I can't believe I actually miss those days - when reading a newspaper was part of my daily routine. If you'd ask me, I would be willing to trade-in the newspaper.coms to their hardcopy versions.



the donG said...

it depends. when you're traveling, definitely you'll need a hard copy. but yes most of the time i read it online. oh not most of the time. everyday

Anonymous said...

ako din. :) i just read newspapers online. nasa bookmarks ko at una kong binubuksan pagpasok sa trabaho. hardcopy vs. online? I prefer the latter. sayang sa papel. unless, may super big, historic event. pag ganon, bumibili talaga ako tapos tinatago ko. haha.

Ely said...

@the donG, @ moonsparks, parang iba pa rin kc pag binabasa ko sa papel instead of staring at my monitor. Namimiss ko ung pagbbrowse ng mga pages. :)