• Define chaos

    During these times, it's when you desperately hop from one bus terminal to another hoping to get on a bus and arrive home in time for Christmas. What's worse? It's when you find out that the earliest possible time to do that is 4 hours and 45 minutes away. What am I going to do for 4 hours and 45 minutes?

    I can't stand being in a very crowded terminal for hours, so I immediately took a cab and went back to my place amidst heavy traffic. I swear, Cubao is always the last place I would wanna be at. And believe it, the total amount I spent roaming around Cubao via taxi is more than the amount I paid for a 7-hour bus ride.

    Well, perhaps a blessing in disguise? I realized I forgot my phone charger right there in my bed. I had time to rearrange stuff inside my bags, and even to gift wrap.

    Hoping for a safe trip back home.

    Merry Christmas to all.


    1. dak said...

      have a safe trip!

      mine's at 7. got it reserved since 10 days ago. hehe.

    2. Ronnie said...

      we were supposed to go to baguio after christmas kaso di natuloy. :( magpapatour sana kami syo. hahaha.

      ayoko din ng crowded places. the commotion is killing me. anyway, i hope you'll enjoy the holidays. merry christmas!

    3. The Scud said...

      have a safe trip home. merry christmas!

    4. thecurioscat said...

      be safe and happy holidays

    5. fufu said...

      hohohoho merry christmas =p

    6. _ice_ said...

      have a safe trip tol..

      merry christmas

    7. david said...

      I had the exact same situation as yours this time 2 years ago, hehe! And the bus almost left me and my friends. I hope you had a safe trip Ely. Happy Holidays! :D

    8. Ely said...

      Thanks Everyone! Advance Happy New Year!!!

    9. wanderingcommuter said...

      mukhang napasarap bakasyon mo ah. hehehe! happy new year1

    10. r-yo said...

      happy new year!

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