Thursday, January 21, 2010

I wish someone from the Philippines would follow his example...

Sana na lang...sana!

China teen seen as hero for killing local official.

BEIJING – When Li Shiming was stabbed through the heart by a hired assassin, few of his fellow villagers mourned the local Communist Party official many say made their lives hell by seizing land, extorting money and bullying people for years.

Instead, villagers in the northern town of Xiashuixi have made Li's teenage killer something of a local hero. More than 20,000 people from the coal-mining area petitioned a court for a lenient sentence.

"I didn't feel surprised at all when I heard Li Shiming was killed, because people wanted to kill him a long time ago," said villager Xin Xiaomei, who says her husband was harassed for years by Li after the two men had a personal dispute. "I wanted to kill Li myself, but I was too weak."

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Chyng said...

If I would ban all Manny Villar's advertisements, magiging hero din ba ko? Ü

mel beckham said...

Chyng, good luck. Hahaha

Meanwhile, I have this fantasy of doing thesame thing for our country. I'm sure sasaya ang buong Pinas. Hahaha

Anonymous said...
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Ely said...

@Chyng, oo magiging hero ka din! Hehehe

@mel beckham, cge lang! Gawing totoo ang fantasy,hehe. Suportahan ka namin!