Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tagaytay Summer 2010

Did I say
I hate team buildings?!? I'm taking my words back! These past weeks, I suddenly had this urge to go out, have fun, be silly! Not only that I like team buildings or partying, I attract them. LOL. Thanks to my friends and office mates who never get tired of inviting me!

We were in Tagaytay two weeks ago. It was my third time to visit the place, first time with this group:

They're my 'family' at the office for a few months. I sure miss working with a group of quality analysts. A move that I never regret doing six months ago. I've never been with a team who works so hard that 12 work-hours a day is considered normal. Being a QA is my dream call center job and I'm glad that I was able to live that dream even for a short while. It was extremely stressful, but fulfilling.

Till next time, guys. Cheers!!!



fufu said...

wow nice!! personally love the second pic... hohoo

The Scud said...

masaya ang team building pag vibes kayo ng teammates mo. :p

Honney said...

ganda ng pics nyo. inggit ako! ako ang pumilit sa yo na sumama sa teambuilding na ito, but it turned out na ako pala ang hindi makakasama. haha. glad you had fun!

Ely said...

@fufu, thanks! hehe
@the scud, ur sooo right!!
@Honney, dahil dyan, ndi ka na kapani-paniwala! hahaha