Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 16, 2010 The Crescent Moon and the “Evening Star”

Filipinos received a “front-row seat” last Sunday evening, May 16, 2010 to a common and yet always awesome sight – the “evening star” visibly sitting on top of a crescent moon. People were abuzz both offline and online as people took photos of this astrological occurrence and posted it on social media sites. -source-

Most of us may have seen this yesterday. It was breath taking. It literally looked like this:

(Sorry if I rotated this Islam symbol; just wanted to show the comparison.)



Honney said...

It's lovely! I guess it appeared for our 6th wedding anniversary. LOL

Ely said...

@Honney, hehe. The irony is, this resembles a symbol that's associated with Islam. You're a full blooded Christian! hehehe. (Just kidding, we're not suppose to include religion here.)

Anonymous said...

The bright light is the planet Venus. :)

Ely said...

@Anonymous, you're absolutely right!