Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pilipinas Got Talent 2010: Jovit for the win!

Although most of the other eleven acts are equally talented, I think Jovit is our expected winner! With his popularity in YouTube and a story that is generally appealing to most Filipinos, I'd be surprised if he is not proclaimed the winner of Pilipinas Got Talent tomorrow night.

Based from talent+popularity+sympathy votes+Pinoy mentality, I would rank the 12 finalists as follows:

1. Jovit Baldovino - Rendered Too Much Love Will Kill You by Queen - that's pure talent! I like the fact that he never took any family member and get them to cry in public, to gain that much sought after winning ingredient of Philippine reality TV: sympathy! He did it naturally. No pretensions.

2. Ezra Band - I like them as a group; not their vocalist. But with a strong fan base, this group is a threat to Jovit.

3. Velasco Brothers - My personal favorite. They sure can dance and I wouldn't mind if they will rob Jovit off his title! Plus we will see them in the inauguration!

4. Markki Stroem - Wait, is Pilipinas Got Talent a talent search?!? Knowing ABS-CBN's trend, I can see him performing on ASAP every Sunday.

5. Alakim - The impeccable butterfly trick is just awesome! His disappearing act tonight was impressive, but took 1 million points from his originality.

6. Baguio Metamorphosis - Performance wise, they did great! (Being a Baguio resident for 8 years, their pretty teacher is a familiar face. I saw her family on TV and I believe they're from a well-to-do family.)

7. Keith Clark Delleva - With those screaming girls, no wonder he won first place during the semi-finals.

8. Ingrid Payaket - She's got the voice (and she looked really beautiful tonight). Too bad, she'll share votes with the other Baguio group. Plus the Cordillerans are not into this text voting thing. They're not showbiz. Marky Cielo (may he rest in peace) was an exception, but that's another story.

9. Ruther Urquia and Titoy - Very entertaining! Umagang Kay Ganda here they come!

10. Luntayao family - Talk about over the top singing, screaming and non-stop crying; they've mastered it (they should add "crying" to their list of hobbies). With sympathy votes, I actually think they might place higher. LOL!

11. Sherwin Baguion - Reality check, he can sing but we've all heard that voice before. Not a stand out.

12. Maria Jeline Oliva- Yes, at 13, she can play twelve different musical instruments. Unfortunately, Pinoys are not receptive to artists like her. Perhaps, we might see her performing on an international stage someday instead.

So, who do you think should win?!?

UPDATE: I got it right! Jovit got 40+% of the total votes. Followed by the Velasco Brothers and Baguio Metamorphosis. Ingrid deserves her fourth placement, with the Ezra Band at fifth.


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