Monday, July 5, 2010

Electric sparks to wake me up

The electrician messed up with the electrical wiring in my room. I arrived yesterday to find out that the wall outlets are not working. I talked to my landlord who then contacted the electrician for help. I’ll have to be without electricity for 30 minutes more.

I can’t wait that long so I went back to my room, and tried to figure out how to fix the thing myself. I knew the electrical tapes are loose as I saw how the electrician hastily taped the two live wires together when he came to remove the electric meter two weeks ago. I bravely wrapped my hands with a dry cloth and pressed the still taped wires together. Everything started to power on.

I decided to proceed and just D.I.Y everything and asked for an electrical tape and pliers from my landlord. I un-gently pulled the loose tape off the wires. I was about to put them back together when it started to spark. Not once, not twice, many times. I stopped for awhile. I’m not an expert; I never worked with live wires before. What if I get electrocuted? I don't wanna die that ugly.

I was sweating like hell after a few attempts of getting the wires taped. I don’t know if it’s because of the heat, the thought of getting toasted by one wrong move, or both. But certainly, I don’t want to risk my life for this.


The life that I’ve taken for granted. My life which is for the most stupid reason, I once thought of claiming. I never thought I’d still get to value this gift.

I patiently waited for the electrician.



Ronnie said...

wow never fix a live electricity. always turn off the main power switch first. pero if di sanay, never DIY especially when it comes to electricity.

may you never have the same thought as you did before. we only have one shot in life. use it to the full..

aajao said...

katakot naman yung electric experience mo. but it has left you a thing to ponder on :)

Ely said...

@Ronnie, that's what i've realized... thanks for the advice. :)

@aajao, you're right. perhaps God's way para matauhan ako. hehe

Ely said...
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fufu said...

wow thats dangerous!!! anyway never take such risk again ok? all the best

Reyn said...

Hi Ely. How are you? You still in Sykes?

Ely said...

@fufu, thanks!
@reyn, yup, OSMA branch.