Monday, October 4, 2010

Did Facebook kill your blog?

One blog post a month. How scarce is that? These days, that's better than no post at all.

Blogging was such a hit 3-5 years ago. Before I discovered WordPress and Blogger, there was Friendster - Friendster blog that is. At least Friendster promoted blogging. Facebook isn’t. It's killing blogs.

Talk about the latest gadgets, food, travels, love life, dates, crushes, job interview, your annoying boss, your slow internet connection - anyone’s everyday experiences. Before, you can only read these in blogs. Now, it’s all over your Facebook wall.

Are you giving up blogging too? Have you?



my-so-called-Quest said...

well i'm back to blogging. anonymity is still important dba? :P

fufu said...

i am still blogging :) but well facebook too allows me to have my own photoblog :)

aajao said...

blogging, i guess, is a vocation. LOL. parang pagpapari lang :P

ang lungkot naman kung pati ikaw titigil sa pagba-blog. marami akong kasabayan noon na wala na ngayon :(

lucas said...

NEVER! haha! iba trip ng mg tao sa friendster at fb. it's nice to still have a place of your own.

dong ho said...

im not giving up. i still find it exciting to post as well as maintaining my facebook account.

Ely said...

@doc, haha. kaya pala pati fb mo anonymous. Lol

@fufu, that's great!

@aajao, vocation talaga? lol. nope, ain't giving up! hehehe

@lucas, glad to see you back!!!

@dong ho, my officemates and i love your photos! :)

Bena said...

masaya mag-blog! so im gonna do my best to maintain it.. and blogging allows me to express my thoughts every now and then.. =P

Ely said...

@bena, gud luck!