Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tagaytay Summer 2010

Did I say
I hate team buildings?!? I'm taking my words back! These past weeks, I suddenly had this urge to go out, have fun, be silly! Not only that I like team buildings or partying, I attract them. LOL. Thanks to my friends and office mates who never get tired of inviting me!

We were in Tagaytay two weeks ago. It was my third time to visit the place, first time with this group:

They're my 'family' at the office for a few months. I sure miss working with a group of quality analysts. A move that I never regret doing six months ago. I've never been with a team who works so hard that 12 work-hours a day is considered normal. Being a QA is my dream call center job and I'm glad that I was able to live that dream even for a short while. It was extremely stressful, but fulfilling.

Till next time, guys. Cheers!!!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Isa ka bang Jejemon?!?

- JEJEMONS are individuals with low IQs who spread around their idiocy on the web by tYpFing LyK diZS jejejeje, making all people viewing their profile raise their eyebrows out of annoyance. JEJEMONS are usually hated or hunted down by Jejebusters or the grammar nazi to eradicate their grammatical ways. (URBANdictionary.com)

Amfufu,,, uztAH nAMan yHan,,, PaRAng guS2 ko Na pOw 2lOy i-vote si GibOw! jejeje ^_^

And so I tried to be a Jejemon for a day...


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Resorts in La Union

I was supposed to post this last September. I just noticed that I've been getting visitors who were directed here when searching for resorts in La Union. Too lazy, it took 7 months before I could finally publish it.

By the way, La Union is the province closest to my heart. Although I was born and raised in Ilocos Sur, I've learned to love La Union more than my own province (read: Chavit).

Anyway, here's the list of different La Union resorts, inland resorts included. I know there's a lot more so if you know one, please inform me.

1. San Juan Surf Resort
Location: San Juan, La Union
Website: www.sanjuansurfresort.com

I once stayed here over night back in 2008. San Juan is the surfing capital of the north (or is it the entire country?), so expect to see waves and surf boards. Definitely not ideal for midnight swimming; they usually hold parties here during peak seasons. Jericho Rosales is a regular visitor.

2. Puerto de San Juan
Location: San Juan, La Union
Website: www.puertodesanjuan.com

One of the few beach resorts here with a pool. The beach is just not recommended for swimming as the water is quite deep. Nonetheless, they've got nice hotel rooms and amenities.

3. Sebay Surf Resort
Location: San Juan, La Union

San Juan and Sebay surf resorts are just neighbors, although Se-Bay is more visible from the national highway. They have wider and bigger facilities too.

4. Normis Beach Resort
Location: San Juan, La Union
Website: www.normisresort.multiply.com

CLICK HERE for more photos.

Normi2s (pronounced as Normi Normis) is probably one of the most affordable resorts in San Juan. It's ideal for large groups. I was here last September 2009 and the place is better than what I've expected. Swimming pools are really necessary in this area; no wonder they have two.

5. China Sea Beach Resort
Location: Bauang, La Union
Website: www.chinaseabeachresort.com.ph
Update: Their new website is http://www.chinaseabeachresorts.com. Thanks to China Sea Beach Resort for the information.

I'd always remember this place as it is where I treated my friends after my college graduation a few years back. They have a small swimming pool that we loved! Guests are mostly foreigners. The rooms are quite affordable.

6. Sea Park
Location: Poro Point, San Fernando, La Union
Website: www.seaparkbeachresort.com

Poro is what I call the mini Olongapo of La Union (yes, what you're thinking is right). Americans use to occupy the Wallace Air Station, now transformed to a Casino and a five star hotel. Sea Park is just near these land marks. I've never been to Sea Park, but I've heard they've got white sand.

7. Thunderbird
Location: Poro Point, San Fernando, La Union
Website: www.thunderbirdresorts.com/philippines

CLICK HERE for more photos.

Perhaps the most expensive place to visit in this province. The hotel itself is amazing and the view is just breath taking. Imagine Santorini....

8. Oasis Country Resort
Location: National Highway, San Fernando, La Union
Website: www.oasiscountryresort.com

One of the inland resorts in La Union. As what my former college instructor said "It's so near yet so far (to the beach)" as he wondered why an inland resort has to be built in a place popularly known for its beaches.

Below is a list of other resorts dotting along the San Fernando/Bauang beach. Most of the owners of these resorts are foreigners so expect to see quite a number of white people (with their exotic find) when you visit.

8. Cabana Beach Resort
Location: Bauang, La Union
Website: www.cabana.com.ph

9. Bali Hai Beach Resort
Location: Bauang, La Union
Website: www.balihai.com.ph

10. La Mer Beach Resort
Location: Bauang, La Union

11. Coconut Grove Beach Resort
Location: Bauang, La Union

12. El Caseron Beach Resort
Location: Caba, La Union
Website: elcaseron.tripod.com

13. Southern Palms Beach Resort
Location: Bauang, La Union
Website: www.southernpalms.com.ph