Monday, March 28, 2011

My new site is up!

A few hours after I published my post below, decided to bring back the contents of my new blog. I'm happy that they finally cared to restore everything back.

But I realized, I shouldn't get too excited yet! Less than an hour later, they went offline again. I guess I just officially joined the many unfortunate others who have been victims of poor web hosting services.

I'm afraid this might happen again in the future, so I decided to continue posting here until my one year with them ends. I definitely will switch to another web host next year.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another "About Me" Meme

Welcome to my new home.

It’s newly constructed so final touches are still on-going.

I wanna thank Honney for helping me with this. This site wouldn’t exist without her donations, both in cash and in kind! Hehehe. To extend my gratitude, I’m finally posting a response to her “7 things about me” tag.

Let me come up with a list like as if I never mentioned any of these things here before:

1. I am a frustrated painter. I wish I had the hands of Leonardo or Michaelangelo.

2. I love photography. Yes, I seriously want to make a career out of it someday.

3. Nature is my stress reliever. Sunrise and sunsets never cease to amaze me. I appreciate the sight of a tree amidst tall buildings in a city. I love the sound of the rain, the gustling wind, falling leaves, morning dew…

4. Emotero.

5. Man of a few words.

6. I look younger than my age.

7. Unless brings back the latest posts that I published in my new site, I plan not to continue blogging there anymore. How sad…

Failed Dot Com

I may have to settle with Blogger.

See? My friend generously offered to pay for my own domain but our webhost seem not to like me. They’ve been having this “server restoration” process for days now and it looks like I’m the only one affected, they don’t really care.

They ( deleted everything that I’ve posted since I started using their services and I don’t think they have plans to retrieve them back. I’m afraid of publishing more posts as they may end up getting deleted every week or so.

I don’t wanna stress myself any further, so I’m back blogging here at Blogger.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My New Blog Site

My fellow blogger, office mate and friend,
Honney is doing charity works and bought me a virtual estate.

Please visit me at my new home!