Saturday, May 21, 2011

For humanity's sake!

This is hilarious!

I just posted a new photo in my photoblog yesterday. I few hours later, I received one new comment. I thought it's from Fufu who use to leave comments there despite me not updating it regularly. It turns out to be from a fellow stranger blogger...

I thought it was just another spam comment. This one's different. He wants me to "for humanity's sake" visit his blog and click on the ads. Huh?!?

My friend, if you want to earn money through blogging, or Adsense, in particular, you need to work hard for it. Start publishing quality posts. Learn the basics and study how Adsense works. All the tips you need were already provided by Adsense themselves, and you simply have to thoroughly read through them and follow.

You may earn something from this trick but, no, it won't last. You can't be doing this all the time to be able to earn a cent. It's all about hard work, and no one can do it overnight.

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