Friday, June 10, 2011

Guess which Philippine lake made it as one of the World's most beautiful?! included the Taal Lake in their "12 Most Beautiful Lakes in the World" list. Now that's good news, after the recent fish kill in the area which made headlines last week.

Taal Lake
This dangerous beauty, situated just 37.28 miles south of Manila, has two distinct claims to fame: It is the deepest lake in the Philippines, with a depth of 564 feet. It is also home to one of the world's smallest but most active volcanoes, the Taal Volcano, which sits within its waters on the island of Luzon. The lake itself was formed when a larger volcanic crater here collapsed; now seismologists spend a lot of time monitoring this spot for tremors, and sending out frequent eruption warnings through the country's Department of Tourism. Plenty of tour groups offer trips to the natural wonder—in spite of the fact that it has been declared a permanent danger zone. A safer way to see the volcano is by taking a drive along the Tagaytay-Taal ridge in nearby Tagaytay City.
Nearby: Adjacent Tagaytay City offers some well-priced accommodations, in addition to the best views of the lake.
Glad to see a Philippine tourist spot in their list, for the first time. For one, I never read any recent article from a foreign travel magazine which features Boracay as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If not because of the massive online and text voting (which Filipinos are known for), I would have never heard of the underground cave in Palawan. So the inclusion of the Taal Lake to this list is quite a surprise.

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