Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wi-Tribe or Globe Tattoo?

I am planning to get either a Globe Tattoo or Wi-Tribe modem, but I am not quite sure if they would work in my place. Anyone using any of these broadband in Pasig, specifically Kapitolyo area? I am not expecting for a very fast internet connection as I know all broadband in the Philippines are slow. I just want to be able to at least open and post on my blogs, chat on Facebook, YM and watch YouTube videos at anytime of the day. Kapiltolyo Pasig, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Globe right now has unstable connection. Your need to fix your network immediately or else you will lose costumers like me. There are times that we, me and my classmates, go to super surf but ends up to useless connection. There was no refund but we did not get mad at it. But, now it keeps repeating and repeating. Fix it! ASAP! Remember, "the costumer is always right".

farjah said...

I think it will depends on your location where you have the best signal and availability and which provider. An instance the people of Zamboanga City will definitely can't choose Wi-tribe b'coz its not offered in their area, likewise subscriber will also consider the price and the needs of the customer and the uses.

DarylC said...

Globe's (un)Fair Use Policy is still stuck in the dark get 800 mb limit per day before your connection is slowed if you are using the LTE 4G service that claims to provide up to 42 Mbs then Globe lets you use it at full speed for about 3 minutes before their (un)Fair Use Rules throttle your connection back to such a slow speed your internet connection is basically useless.