Thursday, November 24, 2011

Panabenga 2012 Shedule

I didn't make it last February, so I am quite excited to be in Baguio this 2012 for the Panagbenga Flower Festival (note: it's PAnagbenga not PInagbenga). I was a Baguio resident for 8 years, so I have always been in attendance in the past.

My favorite part is when Session road is closed for at least a week (imagine outdoor dining, street foods, souvenir shops, street partying, etc. etc.!) If you love all of these, make sure to be there on February 27- March 4, 2012.

The 2012 Panagbenga Baguio Flower Festival Schedule:

Panagbenga 2012 Launch and Concert     November 14, 2011

Panagbenga Opening Parade                    February 1, 2012

Market Encounter                                        February 1- March 4, 2012

Let a Thousand Flower Bloom                    February 11, 2012

Handog ng Panagbenga sa Baguio           February 12, 2012

Fluvial Float Parade                                   February 12, 2012

Chinese Spring Festival                             February 21, 2012

Grand Street Dancing Parade                   February 25, 2012

Grand Float Parade                                   February 26, 2012

Session Road in Bloom                             February 27- March 4, 2012

Pony Boy's Day                                         March 2, 2012

Panagbenga Closing Ceremonies             March 4
 and Grand Fireworks Display


chichi said...

sana they come up with something more interesting for the session road in bloom. the past years,it was just like moving all the "tyange" stalls in one long stretch of road..doesn't really bring you to think of flowers or the city would better represent the festival if the stalls in session road promoted baguio goods and baguio art... i'm sure more people will appreciate the festival this way...i know i would.

Ely said...

@chichi, hmmm... i think meron din naman mga stalls for arts and crafts. Medyo hindi lang cguro napapansin kasi mga food ang mas hinahanap ng mga tao.

Anonymous said...

Let a Thousand Flower Bloom February 11, 2012

Handog ng Panagbenga sa Baguio February 12, 2012

Fluvial Float Parade February 12, 2012

just asking what this sched means?lastweek pa ng feb ang parade of flowers?? im from boracay i will be in baguio on feb11 to 12

Ely said...

@Anonymous, yes, last week ang parade - Feb 25 and 26.