Monday, November 7, 2011

Someone from Beverly Hills, California is frequenting my new blog

I’ve been getting lots of clicks from this visitor since last month. S/he visits my new blog at least five times a week, and when s/he does, s/he clicks on the links leading to my other posts. I don’t know if s/he actually reads them as s/he seem to open at least 20 entries in one minute! Strange. Is s/he a spammer? If yes, why isn’t s/he leaving spam comments? 
Regretfully, I couldn’t tell his/her identity. The only think I know, as per Feedjit, is that s/he uses Internet Explorer and that s/he is located in Beverly Hills , California , U.S. of A! 


reynz said...

hello friend, galit ka pa?
anyway, he/she could not be from Beverly Hills after all. baka yan lang ang cable satellite/wifi/antenna location dahil most cities na kasi dito sa US eh meron nang wifi connection. so, blanketed na yong buong area (or at least as specific area). so, it's tough to identify kung sino yan at kung anong specific location.

prehas ko, i'm in charleston, pero sure ako, ibang location ang nag-aapear sayo.

di ko sasabihin hehehe pero hindi sya Beverly Hills eh kasi nasa West Coast yan at andito ako sa East.

Ely said...

haha, ndi ako galit! LOL.

Curious lang ako kasi halos lahat ng post ko kiniclick nya pero I don't think s/he's actually reading them kc inoopen nya sila lahat sabay sabay. Lakas ng trip, hehe