Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wi-Tribe or Globe Tattoo?

I am planning to get either a Globe Tattoo or Wi-Tribe modem, but I am not quite sure if they would work in my place. Anyone using any of these broadband in Pasig, specifically Kapitolyo area? I am not expecting for a very fast internet connection as I know all broadband in the Philippines are slow. I just want to be able to at least open and post on my blogs, chat on Facebook, YM and watch YouTube videos at anytime of the day. Kapiltolyo Pasig, anyone?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How to Switch Back to the Old Facebook Chat

So you logged in to Facebook, saw a pop-up window, clicked on it and voila, your Facebook chat box has turned to a sidebar. Most Facebook users are not liking it. But you can get your old chat box back by simply following these two simple steps (only works for Mozilla):

1. Download this addons from
2. Install userscripts from

Once installed, log out then log back in to your Facebook account. You can complete this in 3 minutes!