• Irate!

    It was 8:30 in the morning last Tuesday; Outta work, I was so tired all I can think of is sleeping. I miss my bed like as if I wasn’t lying there 10 hours ago. As I stepped off the bus, I walked hurriedly knowing that my place is just a hundred meters away. I could imagine throwing myself on my bed any minute! I love the feeling, like I was craving for something I know is readily available. Awesome!

    Halfway towards my destination, I could already hear the noise. I was hoping it’s not as bad as it sounds, jeez, not now…I made my 90 degree left turn and the scene just confirmed what I thought was happening...

    There they are with that noisiest, most horrible and most distressing thing I’ve ever seen. To make it worse, they’re right there just in front of my room. Not my lucky day…

    The rain didn’t stop these hard working men from doing their job. Once again I was sleep-deprived for a day.

    The Bitch

    I know everyone has heard about it. I've been checking the story through reynaelena's blog and if you're a Filipino, OFW or not, you can't just help but feel enraged about this cellulite-coated creature bitching around against OFW's.

    I just learned from the news last night that the not-so-famous ugly self-confessed bitch just resigned from her job after releasing the most hypocritical public apology ever. I feel bad for her that she's an specie with hideous genes, but she's ain't getting my empathy for that, I still believe she deserves to be crucified....


    1. reyna elena said...

      Dang! When I was back in Manila, I was already living inside a condominium complex, and I thought I would be spared from these noise barrage! Guess what! I am in the same predicament coz I am like way asleep in the morning dahil mababa nga ang lipad ko when I am in Manila, yong mga bwisit na traysikel goes inside the condo complex and I am annoyed as hell sa bwisit na tambutso nilaaaaa!!!

    2. yoshke said...

      kill the damn workers. kidding. ehehehehe

    3. Ely said...

      Reyna Elena, ok lang saken yung ingay ng mga traysikel pero yung eto ndi ko talaga kaya, sobrang ingay buong araw... :/

      Yoshke, i thought so...the workers must die! hehe...

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