• Waterworld

    It was 1995 and I wasn't aware about what movie critics were rambling about. I didn't know that the movie was a flop, not until 10 years later. I felt surprised to hear (yes, after 10 years!) that one of my favorite movies was regarded as one of the most expensive flops in movie history.

    I'm talking about Waterworld. The title of my blog is (very) Waterworld, so when Honney said she likes it, I thought I should give credit to whom it's due, yes, my blog title is obviously inspired by the movie...

    One of the most expensive movies ever made (the final word is $172 million), it's always given the rotten-tomato ratings by most viewers, I enjoyed watching the movie on the big screen 12 years ago and I never get tired watching it on HBO, and now I'm wondering, err, if I'm alone?


    1. Eilanna said...

      Hahahaha, I didn't know that too. I mean I didn't know that Waterworld is regarded as one of the most expensive flops...because I loved the movie! I didn’t watch it over and over or maybe as many times as you did but I do love the movie & I enjoyed watching it. So there you go...you are not alone Ely. :)

    2. Ely said...

      Uh...buti naman. May kasama pala ako. :)

    3. Ang Lolo Niyo said...

      I knew that it is one of the most expensive movies, and I've seen its "the making" special, but I haven't seen the movie upto now. Toinkz!

    4. Honney said...

      Really? That movie is a flop? Well, I have never heard of that movie nor have I seen it. But it sounds very interesting to me. So the title of this blog was actually derived from that movie? Ganda ah!

      Thanks for mentioning my name. LOL.

    5. Ely said...

      Lolo, ok un ah, napanood mo na the making but not the movie itself..hehe

      Your welcome Honney, lumabas siya highschool days pa...uhm malamang college days mo na nun. hehe. joke!

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