Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ain't letting go

I was tagged by ronnie.

3 things i won't let go


I may not be very friendly but I treasure the friendship that I have with my limited, small circle of friends.
Real friends. No fakes. No

2. My dreams.

I am a dreamer, and when I dream, I dream big. Huge. Seemingly unreal. Dreaming is free anyway.
It’s keeps me going and I’m hoping they will all turn into reality someday.

3. Family.

I would die if I lost them.

Now I'm tagging: Lolo, makoy, Vince, reyn, dorkzter, Eilanna, pusa


kingdaddyrich said...

family tops my list!

iRonnie said...

salamat for doing it bro.

pusa said...

hi ely, hirap naman nito but will try to do it this weekend :)

Ely said...

kingdaddyrich, pano po makapagpost ng comment sa blog mo? sorry for the ignorance.

Ur welcome ronnie.

pusa, sorry. hehehe. Ako din nahirapan dyan.

Transformer said...

ei Ely, will do it :) tnx for that...

dorkzter said...

mahirap nga. but thanks for tagging me though. i'll try my very best to do this as soon as possible. i like your list. similar lang naman ata tayo heheh :D

Reyn said...

Tama ka dex, pareho lang kami ng 3 things ni Ely taba, kaya iniba ko na lang. Sabihin pa niya gaya-gaya ako eh. LOLz.

After ng:

Posted at (time) by kingdaddyrich

nandun yung comments link.

Ivan Harry said...

Salamat sa tag Ely! Sasagutan ko 'yan within this year...hehe.

Wait lang, isip na ko. :D

footiam said...

You have your priorities right, Ely. Keep it up!

Ely said...

Ur welcome Vince. tnx din.

hi dorkzter, wag copy paste ha. hehehe. jowk!

hi reyn, tnx again for the tips!

Lolo, cge post mo before mag-new year ha. :P

hi footiam. yes i do, Tnx for visiting again.

Eilanna said...

Thanks Ely for another tag!

Here's my reply...

I am a dreamer also...most of my dreams didn't come true the way I wanted them to...(life would have been so boring kung lahat ng gusto natin ay makukuha natin ng ganun lang kadali) but I won't stop dreaming! Di lang dahil sa ito ay libre...simply bacause it makes me happy...and it inspires me. ;)