Monday, November 12, 2007


I was watching TV last weekend and got surprised to see TAR 12. I was so uninformed, I never knew it has already started. It was the second episode and I was quite excited since I never get to watch the show for a long time. I am a big fan of The Amazing Race.

How it started...

TAR 1-4: I never knew this reality TV show existed.

TAR 5: I got addicted with The Amazing Race since I saw season 5. Who could forget Colin and Christie?!? I know they were hated by many but I was rooting for them since episode 1. The Philippine episode, when they were trying to get the carabao (ox) to cooperate in that mud field was hilarious.

"My ox is broken!!!"

I liked Chip and Kim, but I never favored them to win. Brandon and Nicole were ok. I hated Charla and Myrna here.

TAR 6: The winners were ok. Here, the evils were Jonathan and Victoria. (I mean only Jonathan)

TAR 7: Rob and Amber were like a Colin and Christie clones. Same is true with the winners, Uchenna and Joyce. Watching the top 2 was like watching TAR 4 final episode. I really wished Ron and Amber won.

TAR 8: Family edition. My bet, Gaghan family finished sixth, that was too bad. I felt really sad when I saw Carissa broke in tears. I liked all the families, except for the Weavers. I can’t stand them screaming always, in fact I thought I saw them in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This time I was happy with the winners.

Phil: "Gaghan family, you are the last team to arrive.."

TAR 9: Busy with work. I missed more than half of the episodes. Not very familiar with any of the competing teams

TAR 10: Finally, my bet won. My sentimental favorite was David and Mary. This was one of my favorites seasons.

TAR 11: All stars. I missed the whole thing.

TAR 12: Missed the first episode. I’m not rooting for anyone yet.

WARNING: If you’re a fan of TAR Asia... STOP reading here.

The (not) Amazing Race Asia.

The first edition was no good. I tried to watch 3 episodes and I couldn’t stand it any longer. Bad editing, bad hosting, and shifting to different scenes every split second was agonizing. Hope they’ve improved but I’m not watching the second edition. This Asian version of the race sucks!



Reyn said...

Ely, na-AMAZED ako dun sa Amazing Race 5. Sa totoo lang yun lang ang pinanood ko among the series kasi yun lang yung dumaan sa PInas eh. Hahaha. Asar ako dun sa dalawang midgets..hahaha!

Sa tingin ko rin hindi deserving yung mag-asawang negro ba yun? Haha. Yung second place yung mas gusto ko.

Grabe naalala ko pa nga hindi nila alam yung Philippine flag!!! HMP!!!

black_mamba said...

I was rooting for Uchenna and Joyce the first time but during the All-stars, lumobo na ata mga ulo lol...... I didn't like Rob and Amber the first time they joined TAM but I wanted them to win during the All-stars, sayang. oh well......

Ely said...
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Ely said...

hi reyn, yup sumikat sa Pilipinas ung show since the 5th season. Isa lang ung midget dun. hehe...

black_mamba, I liked Uchenna and JOyce but i would have been happier if Rob and Amber took it all. I missed the All Stars edition.

dorkzter said...

uhm sori di ako nanunuod nhyan hehehe. kktamad manuod ng t.v

Reyn said...

Isa lang ba? Haha! Ang natatandaan ko kasi kambal yung midgets dun eh -- basta magkamukha ayun! Hehe

Naiintriga ako sa binura mong post. LOL

(Baguio naaaaaa!!!)

kingdaddyrich said...

i was once an avid fan of the amazing race! and yes, talagang inabangan ko yung pagland dito ng mga players.. and thank them they dont know our flag!

ha ha ha

Ely said...

dorkzter, that's OK. buti ka pa tinatamad manood ng TV. It's actually a good thing.

reyn, yup isa lang. my typo ako dun sa binura kung reply.

kingdaddyrich, I waited for that episode too. but the corrupt president's daughter ruined it all.

dam-dam said...

i love zac and flo, season 3 ata or 4?

i hate rob and amber... bakit maraming me gusto dun kina david and mary? sa season na yun, mas gusto ko yung magkapatid na tsekwa. ang hot nung isa.

anggaleng nung mga beauty queens.. hehe..

di ko na nga rin masyado napapanood yung ar 12.. tsk tsk.

Ely said...

dam-dam, hindi ko inabutan ung TAR 1-4..
natutuwa lang naman ako kina David at Mary, pero gusto ko talaga sila Rob at Amber. Ako din, namiss ko na ata ulit ung 3rd episode ng 12.