Saturday, December 1, 2007


Got this tag from (the always beautiful) Pusa, a few days (or weeks?) ago. Finally posting it today. A hand written post of the three things that I'm addicted to.

I love photography. I can see myself holding a camera for the rest of my life.

Say cheese...! Yes, I can't imagine eating burgers, pizza and pasta without cheese. In fact, I eat anything with cheese.

Movies, it's been my addiction since the first time I saw one.

Now I'm passing this to:

arjay, dorkzter, reyn



pusa said...

thanks for doing the tag mwah!!!
on photography ako din, at malamang kun canon markIII ang camera ko wala na talaga hiwalayan, hangan pagtulog katabi =)

dorkzter said...

i used to love photography until i lost my cam. ;(

me gonna this tag afterwards. :D

Ely said...

hi pusa, ur welcome po! Pareho tayo, katabi ang camera kahit san mapunta. LOL.

dorkzter, bili ka ulit ng bagong cam. :)

arjay said...

i would love to try photography sometimes. naku malaking problema 'to, hindi pa ako marunong magsulat. hehehe...

Ely said...

lol, arjay, ipasulat mo sa iba, or gamitin mo paint para no need to waste paper and ink.

arjay said...

done with the tag