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    I am a twenty-something bachelor. Born and raised in Sugpon, Ilocos Sur; saw the real world in San Fernando, La Union, and realized how beautiful and cruel it is in Baguio and Manila.

    Currently working in Makati, I am graduate of Bachelor of Science in Architecture at Saint Louis University, Baguio City. I want to become a full-pledged Architect; the sole purpose why I decided to move to Manila in February 2007. I am ready to take the licensure exam this January.

    I am not much of a talker, I mostly listen. Others find me boring. Who cares? I wasn't born to entertain them. I don't look for friends. One real friend for me is enough; I happen to have more than three. If you like me, well, I like you too!

    I write better than I talk. I can draw. My parents first noticed my talent at drawing when I was two. I am a frustrated painter. I love photography. If lucky enough, I plan to fulfill a career not only with a T-square and me leaning on a drawing board, but with a camera hanging around my neck at the same time.

    posted today 8/26/09, updated 07/29/12

    Holy Water

    I've only been inside a church three times since i arrived here in Manila. My Sunday obligations is something that i set aside, making my hectic schedule as an excuse of lying on my bed all day during weekends.

    Thanks God for Tine! Last Sunday, with her inviting me, i finally got the urge to go to mass. The first plan was us going to St. Jude, but we decided to go to Quiapo instead. I met them (with Joyce and Ems) right in front of the church. We entered during the "final blessing time" and some not-so-holy thoughts just rushed inside me while observing the tradition. I believe, God tried really hard to forgive me that time. See, i was thinking why people have to raise their hands just to get sprinkled with "holy water"...hehe...ashamed that i might look too alien, i raised my hand anyway. We were making our way looking for a seat when i felt a "splash" on my face. That's like a pail of holy water! Aha! That's exactly what i was thinking, you don't need to raise a hand, i received an abundant holy water, it poured without even me asking! I smiled, it must have meant something...(evil me!) or, it must be a sign that God has forgiven me(i believe so).

    We're out of the church by 6pm and while they're looking at some Quaipo items, my eyes were busy looking around for a good subject where i could make good use of my camera. I call it camera-itch, like i can't leave a place without taking a pic. And so i noticed something in the sky...

    I don't know if others would find it extra-ordinary, but Tine and I were amazed by this. She took a picture with her phone too, and people started looking with question marks on their faces... (I intentionally included the "ich" within the frame)...It was just quite unusual seeing the moon and a star very near each other, in a dark blue sky.

    After dinner, we can't help but notice, from a sky in dark blue...

    Now those two heavenly bodies in a black background...

    Where the sun shines...

    and mountain rivers flow...

    err, i went home just few days before the election. I filed a 1-day leave from work 3weeks prior to that date, as i was supposed to attend Maddie's wedding in Baguio. Unfortunately, the wedding has been moved to the 19th (it was too late when i learned about it so i can't file for another leave), so instead of staying in Manila, i decided to go home. That was Friday, weekends are my rest days, which means I've got 3 days to spend out of work!

    I was so excited, knowing that my family and i both miss each other.
    Everyone was so busy when i arrived home though, it was 3 days before the election, my brother-in-law was running for a position, and everybody's like moving around, obviously tensed...(by the power of vote-buying, my brother-in-law lost by a devastating 46 votes...WTF!)

    The next day, i woke up quite early, my niece and nephew came with their sweet "go' mawning", so after having coffee, i thought we'd go for a walk...our destination...

    ...the river side.

    I sooooo love those green things growing! hehe... I'm a nature lover, and it's so refreshing to start my day with these tall grasses and trees...weird? A breath of fresh air is all i always need...

    I took a lot of photos with the kids, they just love it when the camera flashes, but when they're not looking, I'd take some shots with them out of the frame...hehe...this one's what i like the most. The sun behind the trees...

    I enjoyed watching them play around...the feeling kinda brought me back to the time when i was a kid myself...(sigh).

    Blogging continued...

    Just found a good site for me. I'm getting used to the nature of my new job now that i could open my blog while taking in calls. At least instead of just staring at my monitor while waiting for a customer following my instructions, i would start writing on my proxy-redirected page. That would leave me with a lot of dead-air calls, hahaha...don't care much, maybe not until i receive a failed QA monitoring sheet, or my name getting posted under quality alerts!