Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sleeping position

My great grandma always asks me to change position when sleeping. She would wake me up while I'm on the middle of my dreams just to tell me to sleep on my back.

I always sleep on my stomach, face down with my cheeks against the pillows, hands on my chest.

My great grandma always warned me not to sleep like that. It’s like "pressing your chest against the bed" she said, and she had this theory about not being able to breathe freely. She died of old age, but she lived not long enough to know that the sleeping position she wanted me to avoid is actually helping me to “breathe freely” as opposed to when lying on my back. I don’t know how the medical people call it, but I often run out of breath when I sleep face up. It’s scary; like bangungot without the dream. You wake up trying really hard to catch your breathe. Funny thing is, when it happens, you are so conscious and you know very well that if you can't take in oxygen in the next few seconds, your dead! LOL


Trivia: Do you know that Valentines day is actually singles awareness month?


Blogoloco said...

I didn't know about that. But what I do know is, Valentines week is when we get quite a few numbers of suicidal attempts apart from the Yuletide season.

Ely said...

suicidal attempts on Valentines day? ndi ko rin lam un ah, hehe

arjay said...

I do sleep face down too. I feel so vulnerable 'pag nakatihaya, lol!

kingdaddyrich said...

baligtad naman tayo,..

hindi ako nakakahinga kapag naka dapa ako matulog.. :))

kaya either nakatagilid or naka tihaya. basta may nakatakip sa mata...


naguluhan ako, singles awareness MONTH ang valentines DAY?

peace out bro and keep rockin!

Ely said...

arjay, hehe, pag nakatihaya ako matulog klangan may bantay para may tga-rescue agad saken.

kingdaddyrich,ok lng din saken nakatagilid..
opps, sorry DAY dapat. MONTH kc nasa text na forward saken, LOL.